Day 5

A family member gave me an update on my son today. “He is doing good, waking up every morning and helping out on the campground. His Dad is going to fix the motorcycle so AJ can find a job.”

It was a weird day today. Just all over the place with my emotions. I had a great conversation with my sister. Not the one I am not speaking to at the moment, but the funny supportive sister. I was giving her the above update on AJ, her nephew.  “It’s been four fucking days, of course, everything is good!” Told ya, she is pretty funny!

My sister and son have a pretty close bond.  Back in the early years, my son and I would go over to their apartment everyday to hang out while my ex was at work….or the strip clubs. My sister and her husband would let us all come over when there was never any money for food or diapers. My son and my sister’s daughter were the closest of friends. They played together, ate lunch together, and pretty much drove us crazy tag-teaming us with their antics. They are only 5 months apart, so you can imagine all the fun chaos those two brought on. From day one there was a close bond between my sister and son. She truly loves him, and although she is so supportive with me, and lets me vent to her, nothing will ever take away the bond she feels toward her nephew. Nor should it.

I also got word that my son’s stepmother reads this blog. I told ya, my family is nuts! I do not mind her reading the blog, it’s a public blog. Anything I write here I would say to anyone in person. Four days ago I was told that the stepmother wanted to reach out to me. I was hesitant. I mean what is there to talk about? Pretty much nothing unless she has a good pot roast recipe she can send my way. I am sure she has already heard I am a horrible cook. And I am, I can own it! Anyway, after some convincing from a family member “Jennifer, let me give her your number. She will reach out. She will put your mind at ease. What do you have to lose?” I am all like “Okay, Cool!”

I have yet to hear from her. So, I am going to put it out here. “To The Mrs., if you do in fact read this blog, please feel you can reach out. Whether it is through message or text. I do not want anything from you other than the assurance that my son is okay. As a mother yourself, I hope you would understand that.”

Moving on.

My youngest son, Vinnie (19) told my husband and me “Ya know, I think AJ did not know how to say good-bye, that’s why he left the way he did.”

He makes a good point. My two boys are not on the best of terms right now, so for Vinnie to come at it objectively, it makes sense. I have no idea if that is the reason or not, but it does make sense.

We are going over to my sister-in-law’s house tomorrow. They have no idea what is going on with AJ so obviously, that will come up. I am a little nervous, a little hesitant. I know I will cry. I am still emotional. And, just talking about it brings on the tears, but we can’t avoid it. Thankfully, I have plenty of vodka.

Anyway, as always, thanks for listening. I hope all of you are doing better than I am…and if you are not doing good, I am here to listen too.




One thought on “Day 5

  1. I love Day 5’s entry. Maybe because I was in it 😁…..or because you sounded a little better than Day 4😊
    I wish we lived a life of rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns …. but that is just not the case.
    This too shall pass. Keep writing if that’s how you cope. I will continue to drink whiskey and wine and be here to answer your calls when you need me♥️

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