If you don’t already know, my name is Christin and I’m a 36 year old mother of two crazy but great kids, Kaidon and Kharizma. I am a full-time student currently and still don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up. Of course writing is something that I have always loved, so it just makes sense to have a blog, right? I am an unpaid taxi cab driver, unappreciated maid and an underpaid cook. Well, that last part might be a lie because I don’t really do a lot of cooking. In fact, over Christmas break I attempted to bake some cookies like a good mother might and they ended up looking like burnt, deformed Christmas tree blobs. My hobbies, besides writing include reading, watching sappy romance movies like “Serendipity” and “The Wedding Planner”. Oh, I also like Hallmark movies too. I know what you’re thinking and I agree. I just don’t have time to get a life right now. So, I guess that’s enough about me, I’m an open book so if you need to know anything else…ask!
Jen and I started writing together on Vodka Calling about a year ago. Since, then we have written about our past (if you haven’t read this, you must!), a road trip, and our day to day lives as moms. Vodka Calling is more than just a blog to us, for me it’s a creative outlet so I don’t lose my sanity. Maybe you will find that I never had it in the first place with all the shenanigans Jen and I found ourselves in in our younger years. Kick back and grab a drink (or pop) and enjoy the ups and downs of Vodka Calling!