I started this little piece of sanity back in 2010. After numerous attempts of trying my hand at different blogs (“Blogging it Out” “Write here” “Again With Jen” and “Dear Blog”) I just was not cutting it. Something was not right. I was not “feeling it.”

Little did I know it was just the name. Somehow blogging on a blog titled “Dear Blog” was not cutting it for me. I felt like Sandra Dee writing to Danny Zuko, about the trials of being stranded at the drive-in. (Grease reference for the younger crowd.)

The name “Vodka Calling” came to me so easily. It was a winner, and together we would set out on this new journey.

I blogged about everything. Marriage, kids, challenges, autism diagnosis, school, you name it I blogged about it in an honest authentic way. Some would say a little too honest.

April 2016 

Christin enters the picture. Christin and I share a 16-year friendship. A friendship that began when we were least expecting it. A friendship that neither one of us were interested in. Until we became invested.

Together, we knew we had so many stories to share. Some of our stories are cringe-worthy, some are feel-good ones. Of course, you have a handful that is neither here nor there. Christin and I put our heads together and decided to bring our “roaring twenties” to the blog. We believed we had a story to tell. We believe everyone has a story to tell. Christin and I are just crazy enough to blog about ours.

Eventually, Christin and I decided to expand on our stories while bringing it to book format.

Vodka Calling: Apt. B-303 will be available when we get off our asses and make something happen.

We encourage you to follow us along on this journey….just don’t forget the Vodka.


Jennifer & Christin