Letting go of control…

I “think” I am a controlling person by nature. The OCD type of control, not the “bad” kind of control. “Where are you going, who are you with, are you wearing that?” That is something Lifetime “Movies of the Week” are made of. Yes, I am talking to you Tori Spelling.

I do like to be in control. In a perfect world I have every single hour accounted for during my day, and when something does not go as planned, then I have issues. Huge issues that usually end up with chocolate being involved. I suppose I may have food issues as well.

Pretty sure I was born this way, so it is kinda not my fault.

This week has been one of those weeks where I had everything perfectly planned out, and God had a pretty good laugh.

First up is moving. Still have no idea what is happening with that, yet according to my trusty appointment book, I have written down “Should know where we will be moving to!” I hate this. I hate the not knowing and feel anxiety (or chocolate) coming on because of this.

Also, I did not have written down that Gracie would have another seizure this week, and now I have a bunch of “add on” appointments I was not expecting.

My typical daily routine is volunteering in a classroom at one of my daughters schools. For lack of better word, I am a “room mom” while also doing PTA work. This particular class had testing all week, which means I was unable to be in the room. These test are no joke. Completely understand, although I missed my daily routine.

I saw two little girls in this class today.

Girl # 1 ~ Mrs. Pedro, how come you are not in our class?

Me ~ Awww, well, you guys have testing this week. It is very important you get that done without anyone other than your teacher in your room, but I am thinking of you and believe that you will do good.

Girl # 1 ~ Well I think you should just lock yourself in the office. No one will know you are there.

I kinda love this one. It made me feel so good that even though I had to change-up my daily routine, I was missed.

Girl # 2 ~ Mrs. Pedro, where are all your bags?

Me ~ What bags?

Girl # 2 ~ All the bags you have with you that you take to the classroom.

Me ~ Awww, remember, you guys have testing this week, I cannot be in your room, but I am thinking of you and believing that you will do amazing on your test.

Girl # 2 ~ Do you know we have three more test next week?!

Me ~ I know, but you guys can get through it! After next week I will see you more often.

Girl # 2 ~ I do not like this.

Me ~ I do not like it either.

Point being, my routine is not the only one changed this week, and these two special little girls noticed that….while feeling my pain.

The next four days are completely out of my daily/weekly routine. Lots of packing, appointments for Gracie, and waiting to hear from the apartment. My experience showed me today that sometimes breaking away from your routine is okay. Everything will work out just the way it is supposed to work out.

I can only hope these next four days will prove the same.


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