Something new

Today I am doing something new. I am joining “Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop” for the first time. The way it works, every week she will give us lovely bloggers “writing prompts”. We are allowed to pick which one we want to write about, and, we can pick more than one prompt to write about. Then we go back to her page, and link up! If this is something anyone is interested in, hop on over and take a look.

Mama’s Losin’ It
The writing prompt I chose for myself…..

What battle are you fighting? Write a poem overcoming. Every day I wake up, determined, that today will be different.
I will not give in to temptation, I will be strong, I will be persistent.

There is more to life, than what I can currently see,
I do not want to miss a chance to make a lasting memory.

I know I can overcome this, I know it in my heart
I need the strength, I need the guidance, I need the prayers to make a brand new start

Twenty some years ago, is when it all began,
somewhere along the way bulimia became my best friend.

I gave it to God, and asked for the help
the answer I was given, it was all within myself.

Just like Dorothy,I had the red glass slippers all along,
I just had to find it within me to fight the demons and be strong.

I cannot even tell you how long the battle took
but at the end of the day I knew, I know longer had to look

I had to accept who I am, and all my flaws
I am a full figured girl, w/ long hair and big bones

Food no longer had to be my saviour
Dairy Queen McDonalds,Taco Bell had finally lost the wager

Goodbye were the days when I would secretly hide
in the dimly lit parking lot in a corner, outside

Devouring the food as if it were my last
never completely knowing if I would be allowed one last chance

The battle has not yet been won,we called a truce for now
It’s a day to day fight, that I have been winning somehow.

I long for the day when I can finally say,
that I have finally overcome
all the damage I have done.

15 thoughts on “Something new

  1. Great post and thanks for sharing your story of overcoming! Wonderful poem. I hope you like MamaKats. I've only done a few and already loving it:)

  2. Welcome to Mama Kat's and I am honored you took a peek at mine. I don't think overcoming is ever overnight–it is always more one day at a time, heck, one hour at a time some days! I agree with everyone else–very brave and very moving! Keep it up!

  3. I've always wanted to try Mama Kat's workshop! Maybe one of these days I will. This was wonderful to read; I applaud your honesty and strength.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!

  4. love this. definitely brave. you did wonderful. i wish i could write some poetry, but i don't feel good enough. well maybe i should just write a poem about overcoming that huh…

    found you thru SITS today

  5. Visiting from Mama Kats ~ wrote something yesterday for the first time too – and chose to write the poem! As others have said, very brave. I have battled food issues my whole life…it's so daily, and feels never ending. The words “today”, “new start” and “accept” hold meaning for me. I have a friend who, when she can't decide what to eat, just says “oh, well…it's not my last meal,” and then picks something. I don't even thing she knows she's saying it, but it has helped me so many times to ease up…take the pressure off myself. Thanks for putting this out there! Adrienne

  6. Good, good stuff…. you have confornted the demons… and won!! Nice , nice victory….. I know you well enough to know you are trusting God to hold the victory on a daily basis.He will not fail you.

  7. I'm visiting for the first time from red dress club. What a courageous and beautifully written poem. Congratulations on facing the demons and backing their destructive asses down. You rock!

  8. I did the same writing prompt. I also wrote my poem about my relationship with food. Mine was about whant over eating has done. It is amazing how food has had such an impact on so many women in a less than positive way. i'm glad you are winning the battle.

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