Another Seizure.

I was at Sofia’s school today, doing what I do best on Friday’s, making cookies. My fellow PTA Moms and I were ahead of the game. We would actually be done at a reasonable hour.

One of my favorite teachers ever, pulled me aside and asked me if she could bring a New Dad in to our room introduce to us, and possibly find him something to do. This Dad is a very hands on Dad and wanted to volunteer. Well look no further, right?!

I introduced myself to the New Dad, we made small talk, and then my phone rang.

“Mrs. Pedro, this is Robyn at Gracie’s school, she is in the middle of a seizure, 911 has been called we need you here now.”

Of course I freak out.

“I have to go, I have to go!”

New Dad looks a little freaked out.

One of the office ladies comes into the PTA room. I am frazzled, because as we all know by now, I pretty much suck under pressure.

“I have to go, Gracie is having a seizure!”

The Office Lady looks at me.

“I know, I just got off the phone with the school leave now, just GO!”

New Dad is probably wondering why it is he chose today of all days to come in and volunteer.

My fellow PTA Moms tell me “Just Go, we have this.”

I try to grab my things, still frazzled. I looked at the Office Lady.

“Sofia, what about Sofia?!”

“Just go, we will figure it out, GO!”

And off I went, driving like a crazy woman.


I made it to Gracie’s school in record time. This is Gracie’s fourth time having a seizure at school. I know the shortcuts. I know that I can turn onto the side street that says “Busses Only” and be at the back of the school, right next to the fire truck in mere seconds. I know that two people will be waiting for me. One directing me where to park, and the other ushering me in to the school.

I know the scene that awaits me. Gracie, on the floor lying on her side. A team of three firemen surround her on the floor. Her teacher is also there, holding her hair back. They are checking Gracie’s vitals, while a 4th fireman is asking me Gracie’s health history. Another one of Gracie’s teachers takes her place by my side and goes over the events.

It was lunch time, Gracie’s arm started to shake. Gracie knew what was coming. The teacher knew what was coming. They brought Gracie to the floor, and the seizure happened.

Can we just give some KUDOS to Gracie for letting her teacher know that a seizure was coming, and a KUDOS to the teacher for getting Gracie to the floor in time before the seizure hits.

I suppose this is a good time to mention to anyone who may be reading this and has interaction with Gracie, if she tells you her arm is shaking, get her to the floor on her left side, and be prepared because in a matter of seconds, you will be a witness to her seizure. If you are anything like me, you will freak out. Don’t. Just wait it out. Anywhere between 2-5 minutes. It will be longest 2-5 minutes of your life, especially if this is your first time dealing with a seizure. Call 911. There is always the chance Gracie will not come out of the seizure, and if she does not, we need medics there.

It took Gracie a little bit longer than usual to come out of this one…but she did. Her vitals were good, blood sugar was fine. As soon as she was able to walk on her own, I was allowed to take her home, with strict orders to call Neuro. The fireman helped me get Gracie to the car, for some reason, even though Joe now has a cell phone, he missed all 15 of my calls. As did Aj and Vinnie.

Gracie was now home, and out of it. I have said this before but I need to keep saying it. Mainly for myself, but also in the rare chance Gracie has a seizure and I am not with her. A seizure takes so much out of a person. All they want to do, all they need to do is sleep. Joe and The Boys had everything under control, so now I had to go get Sofia from her school, hoping that word did not get back to her about Gracie having a seizure.

I made it to her school just in time for recess, and to see her arguing with her number one nemesis.


Sofia’s teacher intervened.

I pulled Sofia’s teacher aside, explained that Gracie had another seizure, Sofia does not know yet, and as soon as recess is over, I am taking Sofia home.

“Mom, why are you picking me up early?”

“Well, everything is fine, but….Gracie had a seizure at school and we need to get home and call the Doctor.”

“It’s the pizza Mom, I just know it is the pizza.”

Sofia may be right. That’s the thing about epilepsy, we really do not know “what” causes a seizure. The goal is to try to keep them under control.

It’s hard. So so hard.

But, as I was reminded of tonight, “You are strong, this will make you stronger.”

and……it will.

I mean of course I will have a moment or two, I will freak out, I will have doubts, but I am strong, because I have to be strong, and one way or another, we will, I will, get to the bottom of this.

I have too much to lose if I don’t.





2 thoughts on “Another Seizure.

  1. I’m so glad the arm shaking tips everyone off and those around her know what to do .
    It’s also so good the Gracie knows it’s coming…
    Praying that it all gets figured out.

  2. I read this through my Tears
    I’m Sending Prayers Always
    Though we’ve never met in person only on Facebook
    through a Friend we both share (Maureen Ward)
    Please Know My Thoughts and Prayers are With You and Your Family
    I hold you all in my heart ❤️
    Tracy P

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