Time of Your Life

Today is Joe’s birthday. Joe took the day off from work, not to celebrate his birthday, but because he hates when people wish him a “Happy Birthday.” He does not want it acknowledged, nothing. So, naturally, the girls and I picked him out some Philidelphia Eagle gear. It’s almost comical watching how uncomfortable he gets. Even with is own children, you can tell his reaction is awkward. The only sincere reaction I have ever seen from him on Birthdays is when my parents send him a card with some cash.

“What? They did not have to do that. They are good people. You have to send it back to them.”

And then that starts another huge debate, which goes a little something like this. “Have you not met my parents. Take it, they want you to have it.”

I am blessed to have both wonderful caring parents and a husband.

Joe took the girls to breakfast and the mall this morning. A little Dad and Daughter one on one time, while I caught up on much-needed sleep.

Once they return home, I get an earful.

Sofia~ Mom, I know it may seem I am in a bad mood but I am not. I ate so much at Denny’s! It was so good I could not tell my tummy no. I just need to sleep.

Joe~ Ummm, when did Gracie get a black eye?

Gracie~ Will THIS go away before school starts? (pointing to her black eye)

So…to recap, apparently there was some sort of late-night incident with the girls. Depending on which one you ask, they have a different version of events. Last night, at an undisclosed time, Sofia kicked Gracie in the face. Evidence is pointing to accidental. However, the black eye made it’s appearance today, while Joe had the girls…..in Bath & Body Works, searching for lotion.

I called Christin. She has been crazy busy the last week. Just got back from a vacation at the Oregon coast, and now needs a vacation from her vacation, while trying to get her kids ready for school while navigating work. So, what better time to call, right?

Me~ Hey! You busy?
Christin~ No, hold on I need to take the batteries out.
Me~ Huh?
Christin~ Hold on, I need to take the batteries out of my personal affairs so I can turn the music down.

(Long, awkward, pause)

Christin~ Okay I am back.
Me~ Do you need me to call you back?
Christin~ No, I had to switch the batteries from my……..(muffled conversation)
Christin~ (laughing) my personal fan, what is wrong with you???

(Another long pause)

Me~ Oh……okay. I get it. I thought you said you had to take the batteries out of your “personal affair” and, ummm, you know, I thought it was weird, but now I get it!

I am now on a three-day ban from calling Christin.

My beloved NY GIANTS had their first pre-season game tonight. Eli, their quarterback, got sacked two times in the first quarter. They played the Browns. If you are familiar with football and my love for the hard-to-love GIANTS, you can feel my pain and confusion.

I am just happy we are back in football season, which to me, is the start of the holiday season! After pre-season, the weather starts to cool off for most of us who are not living in Texas. School is back in session, pumpkin spice everything is at our disposal. Before we know it, jeans and hoodies, boots and scarfs will be here along with crisp Autumn air, and plans for Halloween. Sofia already knows what she wants to be. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. Pikachu.

There are also big changes on the horizon. I have a very close family member who is running for Congress, yet, at this very moment, he is in Texas preparing for his mothers funeral. Sad times. This is a strong woman who I have had the pleasure of meeting. I have been in her home before while she served me authentic German food and ordered me to “eat!” I will pray for a peaceful passing for all involved.

Today, while Joe and the girls had an early start to their day, and by early I mean the mall was not even open yet, I was in and out of sleep. I caught wind of Vinnie coming and going. Once I awoke at a normal hour (up and going by 9 with coffee in hand) Vinnie comes home with a nice new haircut.

My first thought is, what kind of Barber is open at this ungodly hour? My second thought was “Am I the only night owl. It is 9:00am and I am struggling, meanwhile, Joe and the girls have been gone for at least an hour. At least my cats are on the same page as I am.

So, Vinnie comes in, and he looks good. This new haircut suits him. I am drinking my coffee, scrolling through Facebook, watching Vinnie, who does not have to be at work for another six hours. Gone are the days when he would ask me for a ride. He got himself to his Barber, paid for his own haircut, and is now home doing his chores while I have not even made it out of my pajamas yet. I am proud of him.

Many times the topic of conversation between Christin and I is how she cannot wait for her daughter to learn how to drive. 95% of Christin’s day is spent driving her kids too and from. My girls are not at that point yet. It will come soon enough, but not yet. Meanwhile, Vinnie, who is only two years older than Christin’s daughter is kinda killing it at this whole life, school, work thing.

As I make a new pot of coffee, while telling Vinnie how much I love his new haircut, I make a mental note. I need to talk to Christin. I need to let her know, cherish these days where you have to play chauffeur to your kids, because, before you know it, you will wake up one lazy morning and realize your kids have a better sleep schedule than you do, and, they won’t need you anymore to run them around. So…enjoy it now, savor every moment of the sleep-deprived drives to the lake and Walmart, because, in a blink of an eye, they will be doing it without you.

This, my forever best friend, this is the time of your life.





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