The one about the "awkward moment"

I keep my cell phone on me at all times. I have two main reasons for this, well, make that three.

1. I have OCD

2. My house phone is down (even though my husband and son “promised” they knew how to fix it.

3. I worry if something bad happens to someone in my family I will miss the call (especially since my house phone is down, see above!)

With that in mind, I will tell my story.

Tonight, like any other night, I did my usual routine. Check and reply to emails, feed kids dinner, find some way to disrupt my husband and his x-box game, make a drink and take a shower. This is my routine every night, and my cell is on me at all times.

I got as far as grabbing my pajamas, head to the bathroom w/ my drink in hand, turn on the water, start to get in and then I get the text from my 17 yr old niece.

Niece~ we have a problem

now see, this is exactly why I have my cell on me 24 hours a day, there is a problem.

Me~ What’s wrong?!?!?!

Niece~ The football game on Friday starts at 6:00 not 6:30

Granted this problem only applies to my niece, but still, it is a problem.

Me~ That’s not a problem, you will be home earlier

Okay, all is good on her end, she is just your typical 17 yr old teenager who believes everything is a problem, on with my shower!

About 4 minutes later another text.

Here lays the problem. I am already in said shower, shampoo in hair. My cell is safely beside the sink. What do I do? Is it my niece again with another “problem” or is it someone else with a real problem. Will I ever be able to forgive myself if it is someone with a real problem and I ignored this text because I was too busy enjoying my new Moroccan oil shampoo (awesome by the way). Of course I will never be able to forgive myself.

I ever so carefully reach from the shower to the counter where my cell phone lay, being careful not to allow any water to drip on it. My entire body is in the shower while my right arm with cell phone in hand is hanging over the toilet.

I already know what you are thinking, I closed the lid.

Niece~ So when you get a chance you have to go look at my facebook page, my uncle posted this awesome looking truck on my page.

Perhaps I should have ignored this text.

Me~ After shower.

Once again I make the long familiar reach from the shower to the sink.

Another text.


Niece~ Oh you freak, were you talking to me while in the shower?!?!?!

Well you kinda have to laugh here don’t you?

Me~ Well…that was not obvious was it?

I waited just a few more seconds or two before I laid the phone back down on the counter, and then, I just had to send one more text. I mean this was too good not to send.

Me~ that awkward moment when you realize the person you are texting is in the shower.

I still have not heard back from my niece.

9 thoughts on “The one about the "awkward moment"

  1. Kimberly, I am trying to leave a comment on your blog, the one w/ the birthday box, every time I try it goes to a blank screen. Just want you to know that bday box is amazing!!!! I cannot believe a person can make that, you should think about selling those!

  2. ok. I see my first comment did not post 😦 I was saying that I have often doen the very same thing. I also said that I think it is nice that you and your niece text each other. I hope my nieces will want to communicate with me often in the next few years.

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