The one where my life is a movie

This is a writing prompt from Mama Kats Writing Workshop.

The prompt I chose,

Your life is being turned into a movie…who will play your cast of characters?

First, let me say that if anyone were to make a movie out of my life, I would totally be rich right now!

So, the main characters in my movie.

Aj, my oldest son (18) would be Channing Tatum


Vinnie, my soon to be 11 yr old would be Justin Bieber (I know!)

(Okay, I am aware that Justin’s pic is way too big, but after 50 plus tries, I have no idea how to make it smaller. Anyway…this is a pretty accurate pic of Vinnie.

Gracie, my 6 yr old.

This little girl is from that old Disney Show “Corey in the House” Spitting image of Gracie!


Sofia my 4 yr old…..this was a hard one!! My husband was the one who actually pointed this out to me. Sofia is the spitting image of the little girl from Terra Nova

Joe, my husband! Oh I can have fun with this!!!!

This is a Samoan actor who I just happened to come across….this is what Joe will look like in about 10-20 years

and now…drum roll please…..this is who would play me (assuming I am tied up in another project and cannot play myself)

Now, let me say that I picked about 5 different actresses and asked my kids which one could play me. They were all in agreement, which is a miracle within it’s self……I will be taking them to the eye doctor, but for now, here I am!

and yeah, I know, another too big of pic. But it is Penelope!!!! Who cares, right????

So…Hollywood, here we come!!! Shall I expect the contract in the mail??


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