The one about New Years

A few highlights about how I spent my New Years.

7:00 pm. My in laws drop on over (because my husband told them we need more towels which is a blog post within itself!) They come over, bring us some snacks, say hi to the kids. I am sitting at the table, while my husband and his parents are standing around the table. (was this my cue to stand up?) Anyway…this is important. My in laws are Samoan, they have a very heavy accent. The kind where you really need to pay attention to what they are saying, or else you (I) will get lost. I am at the table, trying to “look busy” because they are talking to Joe in Samoan, and for all I know they are telling him how I need to be a better housekeeper. All of a sudden my husband says “they want to do prayer before they leave”

No problem. Of course I do not know if I should stand up, or just sit straight up in the chair, but either way I get myself prepared for the prayer. I bow my head, close my eyes, and my father in law starts with the prayer…….or what I “think” is the prayer. He thanks god for Joe and I helping them out every now and then, he is thanking god for the family. All the while my head is bowed, eyes are closed, and I “might” be thinking this is a really long prayer. My father in law is talking, and talking and talking, and I cannot stop thinking how long of a prayer this is. I ever so slightly open my eyes, and low and behold my husband, mother in law and father in law are looking at me.


“Are you ready for prayer Jennifer?”

Just between you and I, I thought we were currently in prayer, apparently not, and so began prayer again.

11:45 pm on New Years Eve. My husband, Joe, decided to call his family to wish them a happy New Years. No problem with that at all!! I just told him to hurry up because it is almost midnight. “Oh yeah, I will be fast.”

So he makes his phone calls, parents, brother, and his two sisters. Not one person answered their phone (well duh!)

at this point it is about four minutes till New Years. We turn on the tv to watch the ball drop in times square. Joe asks me why I think no one picked up the phone. “Well, because it is only a few minutes till midnight?”


“Okay everyone, get ready, it is almost the new year”


“here we go!”


So..I wish Joe and the kids “happy new year”. I ask everyone what they hope the new year will bring, and Joe then ask me “When is it new years?”

Ummm, what???

“What do you mean?”

“When is it officially New Years?”

Yes, he is drinking, but he only had a glass of wine. This is not a case of him being drunk, this is a case of him being clueless.

“Well, remember a few seconds ago when I said “Happy New Year?” THAT would be when New Years begins.

“Oh @#*$, I missed it!”

“Well, yeah you did.”

“Happy New Year!” (and that;s when he gives me a hug and kiss)

So, officially, my new Year did not start until 12:07 am.

and I would not have it any other way.

(except I kind of would, but it makes me look nice to end the post on that note)

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