New Jersey Housewives

I need to assume for my own peace of mind, that anyone reading this particular blog post are…..

1. Fans of NJ Housewives


2. Familiar with the show.

Otherwise, this post will not make any sense,and a few of you may be ready to call AA on me.

New Jersey Housewives have changed. The show is no longer fun and comical. It is quite sad and depressing.

Caroline~ Last season she is all bout family, this season she wants to break a family up. Also…she is not speaking to her own sister.

Jacqueline~ Spineless little twit, more on her later.

Melissa~ In my humble opinion, came onto the show for all the wrong reasons. Despite what she says, family is not first with her.

Kathy~ Her son reminds me of a young Ralph Macchio so that’s cool…other than that, snooze.

Teresa~ She is the one everyone loves to hate.

Every week, after the show, the NJ Housewives write a blog on the BRAVO web site. Every week Miss Jacqueline Lauritta feels the need to write AT LEAST a seven page blog explaining why she does not like Teresa. Oy.

Jacqueline decided to block me from her Twitter. All because I told her “Enough with the 7 page blogs, we get it, u don’t like Teresa”

Jacqueline is an idiot.

SHE puts herself and her life on a REALITY SHOW. We,as the fans, have every right to have our say in a respectable manner.

As soon as JACQUELINE reads something she does not like, she blocks us.

Classy Jackie!!

So, I am going to hope for the best, yet expect the worse and assume that one way or another Jacqueline will read this post.

Dear Jacqueline,

What has happened to you? You were so real, raw, and had an innocence about you in the first season. We, as your fans, saw you struggle with miscarriages, trying to conceive. A lot of us were able to relate to you. Somewhere along the way you went from having real life problems to spending all your time bashing Teresa.

I am no longer a fan. You need to leave The Housewives, if for no one else, do it for your kids. You do not belong, and quite honestly, seem like a little “Kiss @SS”.

and…you blocked me from Twitter….and I did not even say anything bad!!

Everyone one of you gals needs to STOP talking the talk and START walking the walk. We only have one chance at this life, ONE CHANCE. Make it count. Because when you are at those pearly gates… you really think the big man upstairs is going to care that you were on a show, he cares about your heart….and right now it is not looking too good.

Now, I need vodka!

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