Yeah, so, remember me?

When the school year ended for my kids (June 20 something) I thought “Oh heck ya, finally I can put some work into my blog.”

Here we are, August 14th and I have not written one blog post over the summer.

Damn kids!

And now, I have three weeks left of summer and nothing, I repeat NOTHING to show for it.

So, to make a long story short, I am back, hopefully with some new reading material.

Also, in the coming weeks, Vodka Calling will have a new look that I am pretty excited about. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I will leave will this little tid-bit of a story.

The other day “The Husband” actually had a day off from work, which meant I had to go pick “The Kid” up from work. (Yeah, since I was last here, my oldest got himself a job, no car yet, but a job, so The Husband and I have to tag team on who picks him up)

So, because The Husband was busy trying to reach a new level on one of his stupid xbox games, it was I who had to go pick up “The Kid.”

About 10 minutes before I had to leave, I threw a frozen pizza in the oven for The Husband and The Kids. As I was leaving I told The Husband “Can you take the pizza out in about 5-8 minutes?”

“Oh yeah,I got it”

“Are you sure?”

“I think I can handle taking a pizza out of the oven”

And……you see where this is going.

Not convinced he had everything under control,I turned to my 7yr old daughter “Gracie, remind dad to take the pizza out, okay?”

“Okay mom”

I gave them all one last chance “Are you sure you just do not want me to wait for the pizza to be done?”


and so I left.

FORTY FIVE minutes later The Kid and I come home. As we are waking up the stairs to our apartment I can smell pizza.

Oh god.

The Kid assured me that it was out of the oven.


I open the door, head straight to the kitchen, the smokey kitchen, open the oven, and there it is, a black pizza.

Like really?!?!!?!

I believe my neighbour, who also happens to be MY APARTMENT MANAGER, was ready to call the fire department.

All the while, there is my husband, still trying to reach a stupid level on his game.

As far as my daughter, well she got caught up watching the E True Hollywood Story of Justin Bieber.

I do not think anything more needs to be said in this post, other than



2. Thank God for vodka.

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