8 things I am dreading about sending the kids back to school.

This is a writing prompt from Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It

I chose……list 8 things you’re dreading about sending the kids back to school.

Here’s the thing. My youngest daughter, Sofia, will be starting kindergarten in just a few short weeks.

This is it folks, this is my last kid, my youngest, my baaaaaaby!!!!!

A new chapter of my life is about to begin! Up till this point, I have always had one of my kids at home, and come September, no more!!!!

This makes me both sad and and happy.

I am happy because for the first time in 18 years,I will actually have time to clean the house. My days will be free. No more little ones at home, (at least before 3pm)I can work on my writing, work on this blog, and as I said earlier, get the house organized.

But then again, I am sad, my baby is going off to kindergarten!!!

I have been through this three times before. I should be a pro at this by now, but it is till sad.

if my tubes were not tied, cut, burnt to a crisp,I would probably have another baby. Perhaps I will just get another cat?

Anyway, the writing prompt was to list 8 things I am dreading about sending the kids back to school…..so here it goes.

1. My youngest son, is starting middle school (6th grade) Can he handle it? Or better yet, can his teachers handle him?

2. Will Sofia be okay without me?

3. Will Sofia be okay without her pacifier? (Don’t ask)

4. Will people now judge me because I am home and have no kids at home? Will they look at me and be all like “What does SHE do all day, watch Soaps and eat bon-bons?”

5. Can I do this? Can I have four kids in three different schools, while taking my husband to work?

6. Can I really work on my writing? I mean I will have the time now, but will it work? Is this what I am suppose to be doing?

7. How will I cook dinner? Kids get off at 3:30, Husband gets off at 5 (I have to pick him up) Should I have dinner ready or cook it when we all get home? Seriously, these things keep me up at night!

8. I know I am going to cry on that first day. In fact, I will come home to an empty house, get my coffee and probably blog with tears in my eyes. So I hope some of you will be here to keep me company.

and hey, at least it is coffee I will be drinking and not vodka!!

Sofia, we love you!! Enjoy your journey, it all starts here.


12 thoughts on “8 things I am dreading about sending the kids back to school.

  1. Wow, Momma you have a full plate! I think you need a super hero cape! Hang in there!

    I have a first time student and I am a wreck! So many questions and butterflies, that I know I wont sleep for a week. I fear the first phone call or parent conference…”About your son…,” this poor teacher has zero idea of the little monster that will arrive in her classroom in less than 2 weeks. Crossing my fingers!

  2. My youngest starts pk-3 this month. I am not ready. Since he's been in daycare, he already doesn't have the pacifier during the day, but he's still reliant on it at night. I've been considering taking it from him, but you know what? Screw it. I say the same with Sofia. This is a big change for her; she needs whatever comfort tool she's used to. I plan to revisit it around December. Also screw the judgy people. None of their business what you do all day (also, your bon bons are probably better than theirs). As for dinner…eh. I work and my husband is home. I'm a better cook and I enjoy it. We're used to eating around 6:30/7:00, so it works out. Or, sometimes he'll make the sides and I'll make the meat. There's never one avenue only.

  3. My kids are only 9 months apart so they will be starting school at the same time and I know I will be going through these same emotions x2.

    As far as people judging you for being a SAHM when your kids are in school… they're just jealous 😉

  4. Stopped in via Mama Kat's…really loved this. But it also made me sad…my baby is four and in preschool already but I miss her every minute of the day. Being home in summer has been easy to get used to…full days are going to stink in a few weeks.

    The cat thing…I have three. They are the source of much insanity and a few posts. Think that one through! Haha. 🙂

  5. I have read about people cooking in bulk on Sundays for the week. Then what, just throw it in the freezer?

    I can see me doing this, just need good food ideas that “freeze well” ya know?

  6. I'm so dreading this. My baby is just a year. But the big guy is in First and the twins are in their second year of preschool. It feels like they're getting away already!

  7. I'm a little jealous…not that I don't love staying home with my 14 month old, I have at least one more kid to pop out (more than 1 if I apparently don't pop out a boy!) and many years before I will have the luxury of a CLEAN, quiet home 🙂 But for now, I will just enjoy it!!

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