What I really want for Mothers Day…

Mothers Day is this weekend.


Why is it that it seems like I always do more work than usual on Mothers Day?

The kids will want to “fix me breakfast.” I do not eat breakfast. I have never been a breakfast person. You would think by now the kids would have picked up on this? Nope! So I will have to put on a happy face and pretend that I love my toast and peanut butter with a side of oddly shaped pancakes.

Also, you would think that after all these years the kids (AND MY HUSBAND) would know that I try hard to keep the carbs low. Nope!

As they are cooking me breakfast, I will hear….

“Mom, where is the bread?”

“Mom, where is the peanut butter?”

“Oh my gosh Mom, do we even have pancake stuff?”

“Hey Mom, real quick, don’t get up or anything, but how do you make pancakes?”

Usually at this point, I ask myself if 8 am is too early for a shot of vodka.

“Mom, why is there smoke coming from the toaster?”

“Mom, Gracie hit me.”

“Mom, Sofia hit me.”


“It’s all your fault Sofia.”

Something usually happens where the breakfast never makes it to the plate. Last year the toast was burnt. The year before that, Vinnie somehow tripped on his own two feet as he was preparing the pancakes, and well, the cats had a good breakfast.

I cannot not wait to see what this year will bring.

Usually my only request for Mothers Day is for peace and quiet.

Yeah right, not in this house!

For one, my husband always seems to work on Mothers Day (I would not be surprised if he planned it that way) which means it is just I who is left to deal with the kids.

Forget about me camping out on the sofa and doing nothing all day. I will most likely be cleaning up burnt toast and pancake batter that made its way to the kitchen floor. When I finally do have the chance to relax, “Mom, I am bored, can we go to the park, please mom, please, please, oh my god mom you are not listening to me.”

Then, when my husband finally does come home from work, he will want to cook me a nice dinner. That usually goes something like this.

“Jen, where is that one pan I like to use?”

“Jen, where is that one knife I like to use?”

“I am sorry to bother you, but do we have any garlic?”

“What about peppers?”

It is at this point I get up and cook the dinner myself because it is just easier.


Do you know who Jenna Hinman is? If not, google her. I will give you the short story.

Jenna is married to an Army soldier, Brandon. They were pregnant with two twin little girls. At 30 weeks she went into premature labor on March 3rd. She had the babies via C-section one hour after she arrived in the emergency room. The babies, Kingleigh and Azlynn were taken to the NICU right away. Shortly there after, Jenna had problems breathing. It was discovered the she had a rare form  of pregnancy related cancer. Jenna spent two months fighting for her life.

Sadly, on May 5th she passed away.

I can only imagine how hard this Mothers day will be for her husband. As he cares for his brand new daughters who do not have their mommy. Jenna fought hard, she fought hard for Kingleigh and Azlynn. God bless.

So when I am presented with burnt toast and rare pancake batter on Sunday. When my husband asks me where are the pots, pans, knives, and garlic? I will say a silent prayer. Thanking God for burnt toast and a husband who apparently has not paid attention all these years. I will not take my crazy family for granted. I will enjoy everything, because sadly, Jenna’s husband, much like others, will be having a different kind of Mothers Day.

What do I really want for Mothers Day?

Nothing. Because I have it all.




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