Jen’s annual “I hate Mother’s Day” post.

Correction, it’s not “just” Mother’s Day. It’s all holidays, and not all holidays in real life, just all holidays on social media. I need to learn to differentiate between the two.

To prove my point, just read my past post. Not much has changed.



Screw them all!

It just seems like it is all a big contest. “My husband loves me the best because he bought me a dozen red roses.”

“I have the perfecet children who cooked me the perfect breakfast in my perfect bedroom with my DIY dresser.”

I mean half the time the “Husband” is not even on Facebook. So who is it you are posting for? Because let me tell you, I have a feeling your husband is sitting right beside you on your DIY sofa while you are uploading your pics of flowers and eggs to Facebook.

Now, as always, I will keep it real here on the Vodka Calling blog. I am well aware of the fact that perhaps my issues with holidays and social media comes from the fact that I am married to a man who was never shown “how” to do holidays.

Joe comes from a wonderful, old-school Samoan family who struggled a lot. There was never a Santa, Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny in Joe’s childhood. If they were lucky, they would get “a” gift for Christmas and birthdays. Many times it was hand-me-downs. Joe’s parents were never affectionate with each other. Joe grew up never seeing his father give his mother a kiss on the cheek, a hug, nothing like that. Also, because money was so tight, Joe never saw his father buy his mother anything.

Sometimes it is hard for me. I mean I know without a doubt I can tell Joe “For my birthday, I want to go to Redondo and eat at Salty’s, then I want to walk the boardwalk and get ice cream for dessert.” I can plan it all out and he will give it to me. Hell, I could tell him “For Christmas this year I want to go visit my family, so we need to start saving money for six plane tickets.” And, he would most likely take on a second job just to make sure I would have what I want because that is the kind of guy he is. Which, is why I married him. Joe is just not too good at taking the initiative, and when he does, it just does not work out too well. (See the above post “2017)

He came home from work today. I was laying on the sofa, watching “Real Housewives of New York” not doing a damn thing. I already decided I was going to order pizza for dinner, simply because it is too damn hot to cook. Joe comes home. “Happy Mother’s Day. I did not get you anything but I figured we could go out on Thursday.”

Of course, we cannot go out on Thursday. I have my test, Sofia has her last 5k practice, it’s just not a good day, but that is okay. He is trying. “Sorry, I did not do anything today, I relaxing.”

He unbuttons his button-down work shirt. “That’s okay, relax!” Joe starts washing the dishes. After the dishes he does the bathrooms, then the litter boxes. Before I knew it the whole damn apartment was clean.

I did not whip my phone out and take pictures or anything. He was cleaning for me, not for me to put on a show on Facebook.

When he was finished, I thanked him. We sat together on our old but so so comfortable sofa. He was playing his game while I bit the bullet and jumped on Facebook with my phone.

I was rolling my eyes and about 90% of the post in my newsfeed, but that is what I do. He was tuning me out as he was playing the game, oblivious to the whole social media thing.

When the pizza came, he jumped up, opened the door, signed for the pizza, dealt with the crazy pizza girl who was asking him to give her a high five. She is seriously lucky I was not wearing a bra, otherwise, my ass would have gotten up and told her to “high five this” because I am classy that way.

He took the pizza, hurridly place it on the counter, again, oblivious to the face that Pizza Girl was borderline flirting with him. He comes back to the sofa, picks up his game controller, “Damn, she talked too much, now I am going to die.”

I debated on whether I  should push the “Dude, she was flirting with you” argument, and just went back to watching my animal videos on Facebook.

All in all, it was a good day.

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