Jen’s Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

I do not consider myself a materialistic person. You give me a pack of Snickers and it’s like you gave me the world.

The only thing I really wanted this Mother’s Day was a chair for my computer desk. My set up now has me pushing the bench to my kitchen table up to my desk, and that is just an annoyance. Especially if someone is sitting at said bench.


Joe. God love him.

Somewhere along the lines, I think there was some slight miscommunication.

This is what he thought I asked for.


A mouse for the computer!!

Okay. He totally gets points for trying.


I hate Mother’s Day. I know that sounds horrible, and that is certainly no reflection on how I was raised, but I hate Mother’s Day. In the days of social media, it has become some sort of unspoken competition.

Typically I spend the day curled up on my sofa, watching my all time favorite movies. “Goodfellas” “Casino” and the ever popular “Titanic” (You jump I jump!)

I get caught up on sleep and chocolate while not having a care in the world.

Then, the time comes when I think it’s “safe” to jump on social media and I see it.

“My wonderful amazing husband cooked me breakfast in bed!”
“My perfect children cleaned the house!”
“Flowers from my love!”

Ugh. Stick a fork in me I am done.

I just can’t.

Maybe it’s just me. In fact, I am sure it just me. Going by my Facebook feed it has to be just me, but somewhere along the way my darling angels missed the memo.

My oldest son texted me (from his bedroom) at 3am. “Can I take the car to Seattle?”

That would be a “Hell no, you do not even have a license.”

Vinnie, okay, he gets some points, he actually did do some cleaning today. “Okay Mom, I am done, can I go out?”

Gracie. I cannot fault her. She is my one kid where I can say, I know, without a doubt, I know I am a good mom. I have fought for her. I have fought for a proper diagnosis. I am fighting her meds, I have fought her IEP. I know with her I am doing everything I possibly can.

She made me this at school. I think it’s a flower. “Here Mom, I made this at school. I do not know why.”

I will put it with all the others. My wish is one day she will understand that I fought for her, and I hope she sees the payoff.

Then we have Sofia.
“Mom, is it Mother’s Day yet”

“Yes, it sure is!”

“I’ll be right back, I have a gift.”


I was so surprised when she proudly gave this to me.

“This is not from my class, but I had to keep it a secret.”

Quick back story. I did a “Mother’s Day” craft with a group of kids at Sofia’s school. Their hand print on an oven mitt is such a special keepsake. When my guard was down and I was sent away, Sofia was brought into the classroom to make one for me.

She was so proud of herself for keeping the secret (she kinda has a big mouth) and I felt special that she was sincerely excited to give me something.

So… Mother’s Day gifts may not compare to breakfast in bed, or flowers in the morning, a nice lunch in a fancy restaurant, or a day to myself. However, it’s not lost on me. There may be people who look down on me, but at the end of the day, I have a perfectly imperfect life.

As I wind down for the night. Making sure the kids have clean clothes for school tomorrow, lunches packed, my “to do” list in place, Joe gives me one more gift. No….it’s not the chair (that would be too perfect) but it is just as good.


Like I said before, you give me a pack of Snickers and it’s like you gave me the world.


7 thoughts on “Jen’s Mother’s Day 2017

  1. Great Blog and I love the details. I am happy to see that you are ok since I didn’t get a call today for Mother’s Day. Two lousy lipsticks ain’t gonna cut it Beba.

    1. LOL! Shut up!
      The coffee, the chicken tenders, all a facade. If I had my way it would be chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner….this is good info for you to keep in mind.

  2. Facebook is soooo overrated. Of course everyone puts stuff out there to display why their hubby or kids are the best blah blah but that is just one smidgen of time amongst a whole slew of other moments when they are the best or perfect etc…..Facebook is a show a brag of what people want everyone to believe. Not real life which is not always pretty!

  3. I agree about all the FB posts about peoples perfect families, etc…. Nobody is perfect,, though they like to portray that…
    I think it sounds like you had a nice Mothers day.
    One question……”mouse”… “chair”…… how do you confuse those two?

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