Mom Fail or Mom Win…you be the judge!

Last week I had to enroll Vinnie in a new highschool. Since we moved, I gave Vinnie the option of staying at his current school, or enrolling in his now “home” school. Vinnie knows a lot of people at his now new school, so it was a win win for both him and I.

I took him to the new school and both him and I were pretty impressed with the size. I do have one small connection at his new school. Gracie’s fourth grade teacher now teaches Special Ed at this highschool, so worst case scenario, I have that.

The enrolling process was just as to be expected. Long. I did run into a sub I knew from Sofia’s school, so that was kinda cool, catching up on all the gossip and such. Before I knew it, Vinnie and I were sent to the counsellor’s office, where he would now have a new schedule!

This is where things get interesting.

Vinnie and I were welcomed with open arms in the counsellor’s office. I was really digging this woman. She threw a stack of paperwork at Vinnie, while her and I proceeded to talk. Then, before my eyes, I noticed laying peacefully on her desk was this particular brand of lipstick that can only be purchased online (hello, shipping charges!) Or, if you personally know a local distributor.

Me ~ “Oh-my-God, is that Lipsense? Do you wear it??? I love it, look I am wearing it now!”

Her ~ “Yes! Isnt it the best?! I know a girl who works here, she sells it, do you want to meet her?”

Me ~ “Yes Please!”

It was at this point where Vinnie decided to crouch in the corner and pretend he was not with me.

Before I knew it, I was now face to face with my new BFF. My new distributor, who is local, and will save me money on shipping. I put in an order right there on the spot. Soooooo excited!

This lipstick is amazing. You can do anything you want wearing it, and it does not come off.

Vinnie and I said our goodbyes, and between you and me, I have no idea if he got his schedule or not…..but I did have a new order put in. Score!

So….the weekend comes and goes and my new BFF texted me today asking when I wanted to meet up so she could give me my new product. And then, because I am a genius, it hit me.

“My son started his first day at your school today, can you just drop it off to him?”

“Sure, no problem! Just tell him on lunch to go pick it up in the counsellor’s office.”

See how nice and accommodating she is?!

Then I had to text Vinnie……

“Vinnie, you need to go to your counsellors office on lunch, she has something you need to give me.”

“What is it?”

“It’s Lipstick!”

*long pause*

“Really Mom, are you trying to get me beat up on my first day of school?”

Hours later, I arrive home, anxious to see my new lipstick! I am so excited I cannot explain it.

“Vinnie…..where is it…..did you get it?”

“This will not happen again.”

“Why, were they any problems?”

“Let’s see……I got lost at school, go to the counsellors office, expecting them to, you know, show me where I need to go……as soon as I walk in the door, I hear “We have your Mom’s lipstick!” I am like cool, but I am lost..where do I go? And do you see what they gave me, this is what they had laying on the desk for everyone to see.


I was dying. Tears in my eyes could not stop laughing. I mean a hot pink bag and all?!?! With not only Vinnie’s first name on it, but his last name as well!

Vinnie is a tough kid, he will recover from this nicely.

As for me, I will just be sitting here enjoying my new amazing lipstick!
(My amazing new lipstick…shade…Napa)

For some reason he would not let me take a picture with him and my lipstick?!?!


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