Christmas Magic

It was our usual Sunday afternoon chat.

This has been our routine for many years. Distance separates us all geographically, but that has has never stopped us. I do not not remember when the weekly Sunday phone calls began. Most likely when we all grew up, moved around, and started our own families.

For many years now, Sunday afternoon, anywhere from 2:30-3:30 the phone calls would come. It is our chance to catch up, see where everyone is at, and just basically have a good talk.

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I make sure to always answer the phone. A few times I have been in the grocery store, chatting away on the coffee aisle. Sometimes, I am at my in laws house. I always excuse myself to take the call. No matter what.
This Sunday was no different.

I was home, arguing with my kids. Their grandchildren. I took the call.

We are eleven days out from Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is going to be different this year.

Our usual routine of going to the in laws house, having some drinks, good food, a little bit of singing, a little bit of prayer, watching my kids and their cousins open presents, well, that is not happening this year.

There seems to be some ridiculous family feud going on. I would not even know where to begin to start to explain this. All I can safely say is my husband and I seem to be caught in the middle.

Therefore, this Christmas Eve is going to be different.

When the Sunday phone call came, I was explaining to Them how I want my children to have the Christmas magic. I want to plan things to hopefully make them not miss our usual routine. I need to have a new plan.

Weeks ago, I bought the movie Polar Express when it was on sale. I have never seen the movie, but He has. He gets choked up just talking about it, so I am going to assume it is a good movie. She likes it, but does not get choked up. Not because She does not like the movie, only because She has a few other favorites.

Christmas Vacation. She will watch it every year, and pretty much knows the entire movie by heart.

They were playfully arguing on the phone regarding if Polar Express was the best Christmas movie ever…..or not.

It was fun, it got me curious, because, remember, I still have not seen it.

Then He said something along the lines of “It is the magic of Christmas!”
I am sure I will better understand this once I see the movie.

Then, She said something that left both Him and I speechless.

“Well, I never had the magic. Never had the magic of Christmas growing up. I created the magic for my kids.”

And….that She did.

As a little girl, I saw Rudolph’s paw prints in the snow. I saw the remnants of Santa eating his carrot, and gobbling up one too many cookies.

I opened all the presents he left for me. I watched my brother and sister open theirs. We always had the same amount, because Santa had no favorites.

While at Coleman’s Nursery, I saw Them sneak away to have their private moment in front of The Savior on the cross, while us kids were distracted by hot apple cider.

He would always read to us on Christmas Eve while She would silently sit back in the corner taking it all in.

There was the one time when They had the their bright idea of stringing popcorn to the Christmas tree.

That only lasted a year, then we went back to our usual tradition of clear lights and red bows.

I heard Santa and his sleigh on our roof.

As a little girl, while spending Christmas in New York, Santa always remembered to leave the presents in Va, Beach.

When I grew up, I had my two month old son at Their house for Christmas. He was on the floor with him. A little two month old baby, trying his hardest to wiggle. He was amused, She was taking it all in, and I was thankful for not only a break, but for the Christmas magic.

She did not have the best childhood. Her childhood was very sad, and hurtful, and if it had happened to anyone else, it may have ruined them.

Not Her.

She Is the magic of Christmas.

I need anyone who is reading this, to go back and re read what I just wrote.

SHE is the magic of Christmas.

She made sure her children had the Christmas magic, and maybe, with a little bit of assistance from Santa too.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Magic

  1. Even reading this again I’m sitting here bawling. Thank goodness I haven’t put my makeup on for work yet. Love you

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