Boycotting Facebook on Holidays

Yesterday was Mothers Day.

I decided that I can no longer do Facebook on any kind of holiday. I just can’t. Way too many things annoy me on Facebook. Clearly I cannot be the bigger person and not allow it get to me, so I just need to stay away.

I believe in my feed yesterday, I saw about 201 pictures from kids. (really, if you have seen one NUMBER 1 MOM picture you have seen them all)

I saw about 50 pictures of flowers from well meaning husbands.

I probably read about 30 “I have the best mom” Facebook status’.

Perhaps I just need new friends, but it all just seems like some big huge contest where everyone has to try out do the other. I do not like it and I do not like the way I feel when reading it. So……since I cannot change people, I am just going to stay off of Facebook on Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Christmas. Thanksgiving and Halloween are still up in the air.

I will most definitely be on Facebook for my birthday. I have my settings set up where my birthday is “hidden” from everyone. I will just be curious to see who actually remembers my birthday.

Yes, I have issues.


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