Sisterly Strife

Last night my youngest sister and I got into an argument, on Facebook of, all places.

I mean really? We are both grown adult women who should know better. Apparently we don’t.

This argument is still heavy on my shoulders this morning. I figured I would do what most people do when they are dealing with a conflict and blog about it. Don’t worry, no one reads my blog. I am good.

My sister is in a pretty new relationship. Last night on Facebook she posted the first “public” picture of her and her new boyfriend. I made the comment on how her boyfriend resembles our stepfather.

You would have thought I just accused him of bringing Ebola to the United States with the sole intention of infecting everyone.

Seriously, all I said was he looks like our stepdad. The same stepdad who she lives with by the way.

But the clincher for me was when she publicly called me out on Facebook, all for seeing a resemblance between her boyfriend and our stepdad. Again, it was not an insult.

My sisters ex is also on Facebook. This is the baby daddy of her only son. The Ex has an issue with paying child support. Go figure.

All I will say is if my sister put as much emotion toward her ex as she did with me last night, then perhaps she would have child support.

So, I vented. I feel slightly better. Things were still left unsaid, but I suppose in due time when emotions have calmed, we will move on.

All I am interested in right now is moving forward within myself. I have to. I am at that point in life where that is all I can do. Just keep moving ahead. Admit when I am wrong, stand my ground when I feel I am right, and take it day by day.

Also, Vodka never hurts.

Boycotting Facebook on Holidays

Yesterday was Mothers Day.

I decided that I can no longer do Facebook on any kind of holiday. I just can’t. Way too many things annoy me on Facebook. Clearly I cannot be the bigger person and not allow it get to me, so I just need to stay away.

I believe in my feed yesterday, I saw about 201 pictures from kids. (really, if you have seen one NUMBER 1 MOM picture you have seen them all)

I saw about 50 pictures of flowers from well meaning husbands.

I probably read about 30 “I have the best mom” Facebook status’.

Perhaps I just need new friends, but it all just seems like some big huge contest where everyone has to try out do the other. I do not like it and I do not like the way I feel when reading it. So……since I cannot change people, I am just going to stay off of Facebook on Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Christmas. Thanksgiving and Halloween are still up in the air.

I will most definitely be on Facebook for my birthday. I have my settings set up where my birthday is “hidden” from everyone. I will just be curious to see who actually remembers my birthday.

Yes, I have issues.