They just won’t stop…..Part 3 (Allegedly)

Attention : Lisa Stewart (Allegedly)

Here we go again…The Idiot Part 2 (Allegedly)


It’s like that old movie “Groundhog Day” on Facebook. Today, I was directed to a public post about me, written by the son of the one who I refer to as “The Idiot.” To get caught up, read the links above.

So…here is what I did for their viewing pleasure. I know “The Idiot” and her son are reading here. I can see all the “clicks” from my Stats page. Thank you guys!!! I did a good ol copy/paste of his text, I provided screen shots, and then I made corrections…in my favorite red pen.


“I normally don’t involve myself into the petty Facebook drama that certain people like to get into on here, but when my mother is called “trailer trash” and “bitch” and this same woman makes a demeaning photo of her, I just can’t keep silent.” Oh, this should be fun! In case you were not told the truth, it was your very own mother who made a public post about my family member. If your mother cannot take the heat, then perhaps she should keep her mouth shut?

“What is wrong with you, you should be ashamed of yourself, we all get you were angry you didn’t get to go to your sister’s birthday party. Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that you would have left your daughter who at the time was in fact having seizures that you had no clue as to why, to fly to the other side of the country for a birthday party.” Once again (seems to be a running theme) you were not gifted with all the facts. I was planning a trip in March (the very same month I was purposefully excluded from the invite) to go visit my brother in Texas. Believe it or not, my husband is fully capable of taking care of our daughter for three days. Had your mother cared enough, or at least had the common sense enough to ASK and not assume, arrangements would had been made to go surprise my sister for her 40th birthday party. Once it was disclosed that YOUR mother felt the need to not invite myself or my brother, I had another family member reach out to me, and offered me airline miles just so I could make it. We all knew it would had been the surprise of a lifetime, as my very own sister was scanning the room hoping I was there. Sadly, there are a lot of rules when it comes to using the miles, and I could not make it happen. The sad fact is your mother did not want me there, because my presence would have taken away from her “glory.” This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of others as well. Think about that. Are we all wrong, or is it possible there is some kind of truth to that? “Lets not forget that your own niece also planned out this party and didn’t feel the need to invite you, but yet you don’t call her “trailer trash” and “bitch” because like my mother, she is a wonderful human being who was trying to do something nice for her mother, but you had to make it all about you. I know I was there, I saw the video you posted making your kids say thank
you for not inviting you, how vain do you have to be.” So, do you think it is possible you are really reaching here? My niece and I had a private phone conversation about it all. Something that if your mother had made an effort to do, then perhaps we would not be in this situation now. Also, the fact that your mother and even yourself are trying to discreetly throw my niece under the bus, that does not escape me. We see what you guys are doing. It’s not working. I do not think me posting the video makes me “vain.” That’s the wrong word, and again, you are making assumptions of a situation that you do not have the full story to. Please, if at any time you would like to private message me, I would love to chat.

“To my mom’s supposed life long friend, why do you feel the need to instigate things, don’t play dumb, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You donate $80 to my mom’s birthday charity cause, but then talk shit about her behind her back to the other person. Don’t act like you don’t, or is it just a concidence that you liked the posts where she called my mother a “bitch” and “trailer trash”.
How two-faced do you have to be.” The life-long friend that you speak of was not instigating. And, let’s look at that. The life-long friend, the one person who knows your mother the best, can relate to what I wrote, then perhaps there is something to it? Again, please be mindful that you do not always know what goes on behind the scenes.

“You both should know better, yall are grown ass women, but you act like 4 years olds.” A gentle reminder, that your own mother is close to 50 and resorted to making a public post about my family member. Let’s try to stay on the same playing field here.

“So you know what I think today I’m going to eat dinner with my mother and celebrate her birthday, and no, neither one of you is invited.” I have  no idea how I will sleep tonight knowing I was not invited.




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