Attention : Lisa Stewart (Allegedly)

Update Part 2: I had the pleasure of speaking to Lisa’s son tonight on private message. I met him when he was, five, maybe six years old? We both had our say, we both agreed to move on. So…..out of respect to him and only him, I made a few changes to my original post. I took out the name calling, and I changed the picture….because really at the end of the day, I am better than that. My feelings are still 100 true….I just need to learn to express them in a way where I do not name call.

Update: It seems that once Ms. Stewart got wind of this post, she took down her very public post on Facebook….as she should. Because of that, I am making a few updates that you will find in red.

“Please feel free to comment or share, because I just don’t give a shit!”

Lisa Stewart.

(Important to note the above was a direct quote from Ms. Stewart. She has now changed her settings. Good thing I still have screenshots.)

Okay, so there ya go. You do not “give a shit” well, neither do I.

Public post on Facebook about my family. You can read it Here (I originally had her Facebook link here. Since she changed the settings, the link no longer works)

(or scroll down, I have the screenshot)

Backstory: Good VS Evil 

Now, for those of you who do not want to click the above link to read the backstory, I do not blame you. Here are the cliff notes.

Lisa Stewart (Again, link will no longer work)

My sister and I met Lisa when we were in our early twenties.

Lisa turned into a crazy controlling person (In my opinion.) (Turns out, after this post made the rounds, a few people came out of the woodwork to back this up. I am not the only one affected by the manipulation of one Ms. Stewart)

Lisa is jealous of the relationship my sister and I have. (Allegedly)

And now you are caught up.

I mean, there is so much more to it…so grab a drink.

(Important to note, I have emails where Lisa was clearly trying to pin me against my sister, stating that my Dad like me better.)

Last year, Lisa planned a surprise 40th Bday party for my sister. Except, Lisa did not feel the need to invite the siblings (my brother or I) because Lisa had ulterior motives (again, my opinion….as well as a few others) My brother and I were dumbfounded when we realized we were not invited. My brother, who is protecting her, my brother who is protecting us all,  on deployment.

Time goes on, Lisa and I block each other on social media. It’s a done deal, there is no hope for us. We will never agree, and to be honest, both of us are toxic to the other. (Pretty powerful line if I do say so myself.)

Everything was fine. Ten months pass…..and then tonight.

Lisa makes it personal by calling out MY family member in a public Facebook post.

Now, aside from the fact, that Lisa has the nerve to mention my daughter and her seizures, I am pissed. Kids are off limits. You know nothing about my daughter or her medical conditions. I better not ever hear you mention any of my kids from your mouth. Worry about cutting the cord from your 25-year-old son who still feels the need to ask you if he can have a drink, perhaps, you do not call your own son out on Facebook calling him an “idiot” and “moron” for having different political beliefs than you do. That’s right sweetheart, we all see it and we are all talking about it.

Back to the original post…

“We then assumed.” (Don’t worry, screenshot is coming up)
“I assumed.”

Umm. Perhaps that is the problem? Maybe, just thinking outside of the box, maybe that is where you went wrong? In your own words…“I assumed.”

You can take your assumptions and well, you know how that sentence ends.

Now….to move on, regarding one of your crazy comments on your original post. I hope to God you are not referring to the Ortolano family when you say “#FamilyStrong.” You know that is a catchphrase of ours, and for you to use it in the context you did, I cannot help but wonder are you jealous? Are you jealous of our family, and the bond that we share? Are you butthurt because your childhood friend is now friends with me on Facebook, and we talk?? And she confirms everything I already knew? Do not EVER mention MY family. Be a woman, let’s go toe-to-toe. Let’s have a conversation, do not take the easy way out and use MY family as a defense…Honey, you will not win.

I will close with this…..I wish I could be a bigger person. I look at my mentor and I know he is cringing. I know my sister, my niece, even the one you hurt in your rant, they are all cringing at this post……but here is the thing, I will always stand up for what I believe in, right or wrong. That is all I have my voice, and Lisa, you crossed the line. Shots fired.




The 1980’s called, they want their hairstyle back.

(Originally, I had her untouched picture up. Since she has since changed the privacy settings, I changed a few things to the original picture. I cannot decide which I like better.)

black screen

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