Just another day in paradise….

Today was one of those days that seemed like it would never end.

I was still sore from my gym experience last night, which meant that everything hurt today, including areas of my body that I had no idea I actually worked out. I mean how does that even work? How is that even possible? Am I even doing it right? Of course I am not doing it right, this is me we are talking about!

• Day started out with a “Parent Talk” meeting at school.

• One parent in particular took the word “talk” a little too literally.

• I took notes.

• I also took down names.

• May have even gotten photo evidence.

• After the meeting the principal asked my opinion on how the meeting went.

• That never happens.

• My intentions were to give a clear-cut professional response.

• What came out of my mouth was nothing that resembled a clear, cut, professional response.

• I had the honor of sitting in on the very first chess club meeting.

• Who knew that chess club really meant checkers?

• Still laughing about that one.

• I was looking forward to learning how to play chess.

• I can beat anyone in checkers.

• I made cookies at the school.

• I should have just placed them on my thighs, because that is where they will end up.

• A second grade class released butterflies.

• One little guy (butterfly, not a student) refused to leave his enclosure.

• Sofia and I had the pleasure of trying to set him free.

• I was almost in tears because he would not fly away, and I thought something was wrong with him and he would die.

• Sofia was worried the butterfly would bite her.

• Apple does not fall far from the tree.

• I got pretty mad at Joe tonight.

• Just so you know, you guys are on my side.

• Seriously, this is not like the other times when I am wrong but think I am right.

• I am totally right this time.

• Gracie asked Joe if rice was okay for her to eat because she did not want to have a seizure.

• Joe told her “Well you have to eat, you do not want to die!”

• I mean seriously?

• I remained calmed, stated my case, and Joe admitted his wording was wrong.

• Yeah, you think?

• Gracie seriously is my hero. She will do anything it takes to not go through a seizure again.

• She has to go two years without a seizure before Docs claim her “Seizure Free.”

• Why does everything hurt? Mind, soul, body?

• Mostly my body. I completely suck at working out.

•  Somehow I left my driver’s license at school.

• Watch, tomorrow will be the ONE TIME I actually get asked for my ID. #NeedVodka

• I am screwed…….for THREE DAYS.

• Going to go soak in a much-needed hot bath.

• Which means in exactly 8 minutes there will be some dire emergency that only I can solve.



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