What Holiday tradition do you currently celebrate with your family?

What Holiday tradition do you currently celebrate with your family?


A new tradition, yet one that will stay with us, is Holiday Lights. For the past 4-5 years, Joe, the kids and me have been going to Holiday Lights and Wild Waves.

Wild Waves is an amusement park here in Federal Way. It is the only one in Washington State and I am lucky enough to live about eight minutes up the road. I stay as far away from it as I can in the summer. Not only does it have an array of rides, it also has a water park (assuming you did not figure that out from the name “Wild Waves”)

In the month of December, Wild Waves transforms itself from your summer retreat to a magical winter wonderland. Upon entering the park, you have to cross Candy Cane Lane, which is a nice little walk that takes you over a small bridge into the theme park. Candy Cane Lane is filled with, well, candy canes. Each side of the pathway is lit up, and it’s just perfect. That’s how you know, “This is it, this is what we have waited for.”

Although Santa is usually busy preparing for his upcoming trip, he sends some of his elves to the village to entertain the kids where they can enjoy some snow while writing a letter to Santa. After the village, we always head to the merry-go-round. Gracie Sofia, Vinnie and even Joe mount up on a horse, while I try to keep my balance by taking pictures…..for memories.

You can buy yourself a fried Twinkie or Twix bar. Have a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate, or my personal favorite, pick up some homemade fudge at the candy shop.

When we are ready to leave, Joe and I bribe the kids with dinner out. That’s the only way we can get them to agree to leave without throwing a fit. “Noooo. I do not want to goooooo!” Food always wins. About five minutes up the road from the theme parks is a Shari’s. We always stop there afterwards. As soon as you enter through the double doors, the aroma of homemade cakes and greasy burgers takes over your senses. You cannot get any better than that. 

After dinner, we come home and usually watch some sort of Christmas movie together. We take turns picking out a movie, and this year it is my turn. A bit outside of the box, “The Ref.” it’s one of my all time favorite movies with Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey. I highly recommend it if you have not seen it.

The month of December is so busy. It flies by in a flash. I feel it is important to take a day, to be IN the moment, to create memories. Take a break from all the buying, the cooking, the wrapping, the stressing and be present.

Now…let’s hear about a current holiday tradition that you celebrate with your family!



My kids are only 18 months apart. This can be a curse or a blessing, most days it’s a disaster. However, since they were small I’ve always bought them matching pajamas to be opened on Christmas Eve. Every year they would gather around and open their neatly, wrapped pajamas and slippers. They would put them on and of course, I would take pictures. A lot of pictures. We’ve kept this tradition up for the last 10 years or so. This happens to be one of my favorite traditions with my kids..until this year. I was kindly informed that I need not buying matching Christmas pajamas for them anymore. My daughter thinks it’s “ridiculous” and my son, well, he thinks it’s “cringy”. Whatever that means. At this point, why am I going to take an hour and nicely wrap and put ribbon on these presents that they 1.)Already know what’s in them 2.)Don’t want to wear them anymore. My days of Christmas Eve pictures of my babies in matching pajamas are over. Guess I’ll just have to dress my cat up and take pictures of her. Feliz Navidad!


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