So I joined Pinterest and decided I need my own show.

I joined Pinterest today. I know, I know, I am like four years behind. Let me explain.

I never had any interest in Pinterest for two very important reasons. The first being, everyone has always said Pinterest is so addicting. Well, if you have been following this blog for the past two days, you will know I am trying to write a book. I do not need any more “addicting” things to take away from any writing time I could be doing. Facebook and Vodka are plenty.

Secondly, I am the least crafty person you will ever meet. Honest. I failed third grade art class. I mean who does that? Well, I do. And….isn’t that what Pinterest is all about? Arts and crafts? No thank you.

So where was I? Oh yeah, I joined Pinterest today because Christmas is coming up and I need some ideas for gifts for teachers. So when I “googled” it brought me to Pinterest, and it kinda teased me. Like “Look at this cute and easy candy sleigh but you cannot see anymore till you join.”

I totally joined because that candy sleigh was the cutest thing I have seen, and it looks easy to make, and more importantly it looks cheap.

Except, now, the time I was going to use tonight to work on a sample chapter of “My book that will never see the light of day” I spent on Pinterest. I already have two boards. Not too sure what that means, but it looks good.

I already know I will not be able to write tomorrow because both The Husband and The Kids will be home, and getting anything done with them around is just not happening.

“Mom, I am bored”

“Mom, I am hungry”

“Babe, what do we have to eat?”

So yeah. I came to the conclusion that I just need my own show. Think about it, “A middle aged wife and mother who lives in the suburbs of Seattle, and refuses to believe she is middle aged is on a quest to write her book, her book that will never see the light of day. We will get to know her and her  crazy family along with her 8 cats as we watch all her attempts at writing go down the drain, just like her wedding ring did when her 7 year old was mad at her. Also, she has a habit of drinking vodka, but you will hardly notice that.”

I mean come on! it has possibilities don’t ya think?

Speaking of Vodka, it’s that time.

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