So I almost died today.

So I almost died today.

Here is the setting. I am standing outside my daughters school, waiting for my 9 yr old to come out. I am also playing on my phone, trying to “fix” the first ever “selfie” I took of myself while waiting in the car. It’s the important things you know.

The little kindergartners come out, and they are all looking at me with this wide eyed look. I figured they had a bad day in school. Then the teacher looks at me with the same wide eyed look and says “Jennifer, you need to get over here now.” So of course, I am freaked out. “Why? What? What’s going on?”

I turn around knowing there is not anyone behind me, because I am standing in front of a wall. Well, what do you think is looking back at me as I turn around?

A rat. Yes. The biggest, fattest rat I have ever seen is hanging on the wall right above my head!

I had no idea rats could even just sit and hang out on a wall?!?!

So of course I screamed, which sent a domino effect into motion. All the kids starting to scream, and run, and complete chaos. It was bad. Very very bad.

The poor kindergartners are probably going to have nightmares about killer rats, which will prompt their parents to call the school and ask WTH happened………and I will then be outed as the paranoid mom who scared all the children because I was thisclose to death with the rat almost attacking my head.

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