Why I should not drink #115

The other night I was talking on the phone to my very good friend of over 10 years, Christin. To make a very long complicated story short (although one I will revisit in another post) here are the basics. Christin is a single working mother of two children. She has also had the worst luck with meeting the right person.

I am on the phone, listening to her latest story about this idiot she was interested in. Her and the idiot had recently reconnected on Facebook, and for reasons that we still do not know the “why” to, the Idiot deleted her…and as you know in Facebook world, that is a big no no.

Also, I was drinking my vodka and diet ginger ale while we were talking.

We talked for a long time.

You do the math.

In the course of this conversation, I got fed up with the Idiot and took it upon myself to make a dating profile for Christin on POF.

Now a days, that seems to be the norm for meeting people, and well, it could not be much worse than her current situation.

So I am on the phone with her, drinking my vodka, occasionally asking her “Hey, what’s your email address?” blah blah blah blah blah “Hey, what year were you born again?” blah blah blah blah blah “and you like bigger guys, right?”

Never once did Christin ask why I was asking her all these questions…..and she was sober!


Christin is now the newest member of POF (plenty of fish). This will be fun, I will screen all the morons and send the good ones her way.

Christin and I hang up the phone, I have a few more drinks, and sleep.

The next day, I am doing my usual running around, kids school, laundry, dishes, OH CRAP!!!! I never actually told Christin what I did. This was a phone call I was not looking forward to make.

I get Christin on the phone, and she is done! D-O-N-E with the Idiot, and there was my perfect se-gway “I am glad you’re done with him because I kind of forgot to tell you something last night”

I end up confessing to her that I mad her a dating profile. She laughs, which is why her and I have been such good friends over the years. Just think of us as the modern day Lucy and Ethel (and if you do not know who Lucy and Ethel are, then get out of my blog!)

Now, in my opinion the best part of the story is coming up, so pay attention.

After we hang up, and I realize she is not mad about what I did, I figure “What the heck, let me go look to see if she has anyone interested in her.”

She had 8 emails in her POF email account!!

I get myself all comfy at the computer, start reading some of the emails and quickly delete, delete, delete. Lots of schmucks out there.

And then I see this picture that I recognize…wait a minute….is that who I think it is?? I check out the profile, oh my god, it IS who I think it is (and even though this would make for a way better story, no, it was not my husband). It is Christins ex from a few years back!!!

How funny is this?! Christins ex found her on a dating web-site and emailed her.

I am cracking up, I mean I cannot make this stuff up. I grab the cell and dial up Christin,


I can barely talk straight I am laughing so hard

“Christin *laughing” honestly *laughing*these things only happen to us *laughing*”

“What did you do now?!?!?!”

“Well, I think Nick found you on POF”


4 thoughts on “Why I should not drink #115

  1. Too funny!

    My best friend plied me with booze and made a dating profile for me, too…

    Long story short: I married a fellow I met there earlier this year! 🙂

    Best of luck to you and your friend.

    Tui (visiting from Chasing Joy's #FBF list!)

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