Chicken Cook Off (Woot-Woot)

My husband and I decided to have a “chicken cook-off,” which basically means both of us think we know how to cook chicken better than the other.

We are in the kitchen, together, with knives. Not cool.

The Husband is in the kitchen “preparing the chicken.” Not too sure I know what that means. I saw garlic, Italian salad dressing, onions, and something liquid that was brown.

While “Yours Truly” over here broke out the milk, flour, my secret seasonings and I went to work. No need to “prepare” anything. I Got This!!

I dip the chicken into the milk, then my flour mixture….I can see The Husband eyeing me.

“What you’ve got going on over there?”

“Nothing, it’s a secret, why, are you worried, because you should be, Boo-Ya!”

(classy kind of girl I am)

We get back back to business. He is putting his chicken into a Ziploc bag to marinate it, I am doing the milk, flour mix to mine. Who needs to marinate, I am ready to go.

As I butter the pan, I see The Husband sneaking a taste of my flour mixture, the same flour mixture that already has the raw uncooked chicken in it.

“Ewwwww, oh my god what are you doing?!?!?”

“I just wanted a taste, why…are YOU worried?”

“The only thing I am now worried about is you will get salmonella poisoning…….there
is raw chicken in there!”

The Husband looks at me, not sure if I am messing with his head or not, he looks at the mixture, still not convinced there is raw chicken in there.

“Oh-for-god-sakes…just look!”

I take the tongs, pull the raw chicken out of the flour mixture he just tasted.

“See, I told you!”

“Oh @&#&!”

As he makes a mad dash for the kitchen sink to rinse out his mouth.

Yeah, that was my night.

However, I DID win the chicken cook off.

and, The Husband, just may be in the ER right now.

But, I still won.

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