So I bought a bible today…

So I bought a bible today. I am just as shocked as you are.

Lately I have been feeling like I want to do better and be better. After trying numerous shades of hair color, gaining and losing the same 10 pounds, trying the whole denim skirt with boots look, I decided “Hmm, perhaps this feeling goes deeper than vanity?”

I figured, oh, I know, what about God. HE can help me do better and be better. But, I really do not know him. I mean I know him, I believe in him, but I do not know him (Other than the fact that he sent his only kid to die for us, which is a pretty big deal.) But I also want to know things like, where did he come from, who his parents are, his likes and dislikes, his enemies (yes Satan, I am talking to you!) I mean I know all about my friends, in some cases I know all about their family, I figured I need to get to know God in the same way, right?

Joyce Meyer has this challenge thing going on starting March 1. I forget the name. It’s like 30/30 (or something like that)  the premise is for 30 days you spend 30 minutes studying Gods word, and in return, that is how you will get to know him better. Holla! So now I am on to something. However in order for me to study God’s word, I need to have said word. Over the years, the few bibles I have had have somehow disappeared. Much the same way socks do in the wash.

That is how I found myself in the Christian bookstore today. I narrowed it down to two bibles. The first one was a pretty soft cover bible called “The Everyday Women’s Bible” and the second was “The Busy Moms Bible.” Believe it or not I picked the first. I figured I can’t take any shortcuts if I am trying to do better and be better. I mean yeah, I am busy, but who isn’t? Anytime anyone makes anything for “busy moms” you know there is a shortcut or two in there.

Then, I strolled over to the music section of the store. A song had just finished playing on the overhead radio that I knew and liked, and there is no harm in looking, so yeah, I also bought a cd. I am not just saying this because I am trying to do better and be better, but the Matt Maher cd is pretty damn good. I think it is called “And all the People Said Amen.” It’s a live cd, I was surprised to find out I knew quite a few songs on there, and, well it’s just good!

So I make my way to the counter with my brand new bible and cd, I am feeling good, I am feeling this is right, and even though I know I should be sticking to a strict budget, I was okay with this purchase. As the cashier was ringing me up she was telling me how Toby Mac was here in town last week for a concert and this Matt Maher guy was the opening act, and he was the only reason she went to the concert to see Matt. Then somehow she started talking about how she owes money on her taxes and will wait till the very last minute to file, then she apologized to me for talking bad about the IRS and yeah….she was nice.

Now it’s time for me to go pick up the girls from school, and I am determined for them to like the new Matt Maher cd. Because if I am trying to do better and be better then so do the kids, and I am sick of them listening to Justin Bieber and Kesha all freakin day long, so yeah, new music.

I showed Gracie the cd cover, she read “And All the People Said Amen” and I was trying to be so excited with “Good job Gracie, nice reading, now do you want to hear the song you just read me?” I played them the song while driving, only singing the chorus because that’s all I knew, and I am so into it, I am totally feeling it and thinking “Wow, this must be what going to church feels like” I am motivated, driving, clapping, new bible sitting next to me in the passenger seat, “And all he people said Amen” I take a quick look at the girls in the rear view mirror and they are making funny faces at me.

Whatever. Rome was not built in a day.

Baby steps.

But you better believe they will be listening to that cd on the way to school tomorrow.

I am not really sure where exactly I should start reading in the bible. I will probably just wait till March 1 and read what Joyce tells us to, but I am so excited, because, I did buy a bible today!


2 thoughts on “So I bought a bible today…

  1. If you want to start before Joyce, start with the NT; the Gospel of John: it's a great place to start.
    Congrats on the purchase; some if the best money u have ever spent.

  2. i think i will start there as well!! thanks Don! ive failed at reading it several times. its pretty hard to read. but i will need to spend this weekend finding mine. because like you…i have no idea where mine is. if you want ill read what you read and we can talk about it!!! …..Lisa

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