Just another Sunday night

Sunday nights are always crazy here. And by crazy, I mean I wait till the last possible minute to do everything I have to do to get ready for the school week.

This past Sunday was no exception. I am in the kitchen, cooking dinner, washing dishes, and making school lunches for the girls.

The girls are in the living room “playing” and by playing, I mean pretty much driving me crazy.

Vinnie comes home from playing outside.

Vinnie~Mom…. I’m home!

Me~ Okay Ricky Ricardo (that joke went completely over his head)

Vinnie~ You’re drinking already?

Me~ Okay, really? It’s only 5………Actually, it is 5, time for a drink!

Vinnie~ Why can’t you be normal?

Long, long long pause as he makes his way to the living room.

Vinnie~ Mom?

Me~ What?

Vinnie~ Why are the girls playing with your bra?

Me~ Oh, because it sparkles.

Vinnie~ okay, that’s weird.

  Me~ yeah well…..if my sparkly bra keeps them entertained, then more power to my bra.

Vinnie~ What’s next? Your underwear??

Me~ Whatever works. When you grow up and have kids of your own, you will get it.

I am not quite sure what the girls were using my bra for. Slingshots, a purse? Those were just a few of the words I had heard that night. As I told Vinnie, whatever works, and if that means me becoming a loyal Victoria Secrets customer, just so I can have Sparkly Bras stocked up, then I will do just that……because, that’s what us moms do.


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