Top 10 Faves of 2012 (but not really)

Another round of Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts Mama’s Losin’ It This week I decided on…. 1.) The ladies at MomSmack listed their top 10 faves of 2012 here. Use their list as a template and fill in your own answers! (inspired by MomSmack)

  1. Favorite 2012 Movie: Well, if we are talking movies that were seen in an actual movie theatre, I would have to say Breaking Dawn Part 2……because unless my memory is going,  that was the only movie we saw in 2012 in a real movie theatre. (Yes, I know, I need to get out more. Team Edward, Woo-Hoo!)
  2. Favorite Album: Ummm, that’s funny that you would think I actually have time to listen to a full album, from start to finish, without any interuptions. Can’t we do favorite song??
  3. Favorite Song:Ahh, ask and ye shall recieve. No questions asked, favorite song of 2012 is my girl PINK, “Try” awesome song, awesome video.
  4. Favorite Tweeter: What the heck is a Tweeter? Is this drug related??? If so, I do not do drugs, that would be my sons department.
  5. Favorite Blog: Momastry, and Enjoying the Small Things.
  6. Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead!!! Oh…and The Voice. Adam Levine anyone??
  7. Favorite Instagramer: Me. Seriously, I have instrgram, I do instagram, but I do not follow anyone else on instagram (again, I have no freakin time to do anything!) So, yeah, I will just go with me…..and look, I will not even plug my instagram.
  8. Favorite Moment: That would be one lazy summer morning in July, when I was able to sleep in.
  9. Favorite Conference: Ummm, well……my 11 year old had a really good parent/teacher conference in which I learned he is above average in Science. Does that count? I mean Science of all things?!?!
  10. Favorite Viral Video: The only one I can remember is that one video where that guy proposes, and all his friends/family were involved. Marry Me or something like that. HOWEVER, if I had my choice, the video I took of the girls singing to Justin Bierber would have made it viral, but it did not….so I am bitter.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Faves of 2012 (but not really)

  1. For a moment I thought that Breaking Dawn Part 2 might have been the only movie I saw in the theatre this year, too. Then I remembered that I had actually seen The Hunger Games in the spring as well. So I guess I saw 2 in 2012 – funny, I used to see so many more. Great list!

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