As REAL as it gets…

11 hours and counting.

After two very long weeks, my kids finally go back to school. Their Christmas break is done and over with.

Holy Mother Mary of God, THANK YOU!!!

Now, it goes without saying, I love my kids. But, holy hell this has been a long two weeks, it feels like months.

Just today I dealt with the girls taking it upon themselves to paint their bedroom wall……in nail polish.

While giving them a bath, somehow, in the span of like 5 seconds, they flooded the bathroom.

I was scolded by Sofia for not putting raisins in her lunch box.

Vinnie is determined to see if he can get away with wearing his royal blue skinny jeans to school tomorrow. Yeah……he goes to a uniform school. I better not be getting a phone call about how my “daughter” is wearing too tight of jeans, and the wrong color.

Our gas gage on our car is broken, so , pretty much we are on “E” and now we have to just “gage the tank ourselves”

My house is a mess, and by house I mean our apartment that is just too small for us.

Christmas tree is still up, and I do not foresee it coming down anytime this week.

Perhaps I can make time next Monday right after my pap smear appointment, right before we go see my brother in laws new baby.

Sofia found some Halloween decorations I never got around to take down.

Vinnie found a crap load of weed in AJ’s backpack…Joe wants to sell it.

I cannot find my comb….I need my comb to cut my horrible split ends, because it will be at least a good two weeks before I can go to the salon.

My cat who I thought was dying, is now causing as much trouble as a little toddler.

Seriously….I need a break, and tomorrow, thank you God, I get my break. I am counting the hours till my alarm goes off.

Again, this has been a long two weeks, and now, now I have no freakin idea what I am going to do when summer comes.

Perhaps I can commit myself into some kind of psych ward? That would give me what, a good two to three weeks of vacation???

Just a shout out to my beloved vodka, I would not be able to get through this without you.


Truth, Sofia just informed me she pooped in her pants.

SHE IS 5?!?!?!

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