Speechless in Seattle Part 2 Recap!

This past weekend, my family flew in from Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia for our once a year reunion…and as a added bonus, my brother brought his brand new man to introduce to the family!! (Said brand new man is most likely contemplating on how to gently breakup with my brother as we speak….this family is cray-cray!)
It was another awesome visit, but one that was way too short. Our motto “Make it count” and that my dear readers we did.
Beautiful Space Needle

The iconic Pikes Place Market

My amazing sister and brother. Seriously, you cannot get much better than this.
I am one of the lucky ones. I truly enjoy being around my family. I would be hard pressed to find a set of siblings that could be any closer (of course I am excluding Angelina Jolie and her brother from this statement)

My sister and I
Someone (and by someone I mean not me) had the bright idea to “pose” on the tree. I guess we are pure “tree huggers” at heart…….how much do you love my “tail?”
Our very dear friend Lisa with my sister and I
We have known Lisa since our early 20’s…..so only about three years or so.
Dinner at Red Robbin, that’s me, at the end, most likely updating my facebook.
My dad and I doing some good ole karaoke. Dad, if you’re reading this, we never did September When It Comes.

The Parents, my wonderfully patient husband, and the kids.

Sister and I in Fred Meyer, kinda surprised we did not get kicked out

My girls and I…they only look cute and innocent

This would be in Fred Meyer again…Oy!
Me, my brother and his brand new man. Matt. Seriously, Matt is awesome for my brother, and if they ever break up, them I am adopting Matt as my second brother, which should go over real well with my first brother.

Again, such a great visit. Just too damn short. Family…..we need to fix this. A couple of highlights…..

1. My 7 yr old had her first little crush….it was on Matt. He was a pure gentleman. My husband did not enjoy seeing her head over heels infatuated with another boy, but like I told him “Really, what’s safer than a gay guy?!”

2. My sister introduced me to my first white russian….the drink, not a person.

3. When my parents met Matt for the first time, my dad thought it would be appropriate to go up to him and give him a huge bear hug…..that may have also involved a slobbering kiss. Don’t ask.

4. Mom, as always, cooked amazing food, and I have the proof, up 10 pounds on my scale.

5. Once dad found his comfy spot on my sofa, he was oblivious to everything. Which is how we like it, Wuhahahaha!!!

Thank you family…..

Lisa~ Thank you and your husband for allowing the time and money to fly out here with my sister. Thank you for the wonderful gifts, the kind heart, and feisty spirit.

Matt~ Thank you for being patient with my kids (and brother). You really hit it off with all of us, and I do believe Gracie was the most sad seeing you leave.

Anthony~ Thank you for the special bond you have with Vinnie. Sometimes Vinnie feels a little lost in the crowd, you really made him feel good.

Carolyn~ Thank you for being there. Thank you for understanding me without me having to say a word.

The Parents~ Thank you for everything, thank you for all you do for us, for making this trip happen, for talking to me through my mini breakdown (or is it break-through?) Thank you for always being there.

I will leave on this note, thanks to Dr Seuss and my dad…

“Do not cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”


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