Jen and Christin’s Thanksgiving Recap


This was the first year I hosted Thanksgiving in my brand new place. I was excited, I was hopeful, I was scared to death I would ruin the damn turkey.

Joe’s sister and her family were coming over. An easy crowd as we all hang out frequently. Everything was going as planned, until Wednesday night. Instead of doing last minute cleaning, I was putting out fires on Facebook (I bet you thought I meant my kitchen, huh?) while trying to help my sister through the agonizing loss of her family pet. Needless to say the last minute cleaning, well, that happened on Thursday morning.

I only had a few hours before everyone would be over. Between the cleaning, the food prep and watching all the “Friends” Thanksgiving Day episodes, I ran out of time. Not to mention even my “fat jeans” were becoming a bit snug on me. It seriously took me a good twenty minutes to remedy that situation. For a split second, I thought “How hard could it be to start dieting on Thanksgiving?” Well, guess what, it is hard. Bring on the stretchy pants!

Shortly thereafter the family arrived. It was like magic. They came in with bags of food and made it all happen. “Okay, we will put the snacks here and the food prep on your table.” There was a point where they started to move furniture around just to better utilize the space. I LOVED that. I work best that way. Put me in charge and something will go wrong, delegate me a job and I will do it like a BOSS.

I did less work in my own home than I do when we go somewhere else. Score! Aside from the actual shopping that is.

The mashed potatoes and stuffing, those were all me. I have a secret ingredient for both, and I could not allow just anyone to do that.

It was a good day. As you can see below, I am sitting at my computer keeping track of my Fantasy Football, while everyone else is working.

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Sometimes the holidays are hard for people. Everyone is fighting their own battles. They may not talk about it as much as Christin and I do, but everyone is going through something, and I guess, on this day, I hope that it was just a little bit easier for those who are fighting.

Goodbye Thanksgiving 2017


(Me…not having to do anything.)


Thanksgiving was unusually uneventful this year. Well, unless you count the gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free cheesecake I was anxiously anticipating for dessert. Now that was eventful. I haven’t had cheesecake or pie in 3 years, since I became allergic/intolerant to all the things I dearly love. So, the main event of my Thanksgiving was sliding my fork into the yummy goodness of my faux cheesecake and into my mouth. Surprisingly it was good… and I ended up eating the whole thing. My jeans aren’t happy with me today.

 Other than the main event AKA the cheesecake, we stayed home, Jason cooked up enough food for 20 people upon my insistence (for leftovers, of course) and everything went off without a hitch.

No traveling this year, no guests, just the four of us, watching the football game in between putting up our Christmas tree and watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which isn’t really a Christmas movie, but it was the only one we could all agree upon.

 Kharizma said our table looked like the “ones in the commercials” upon sitting at the table and when it was her turn to tell everyone what she was thankful for she said “Dr.Pepper.”


Kaidon said he is thankful for his family.

At least I raised one of my kids right.

He also decided to take 2 bulbs off the tree and hang them between his legs, proceeded to look at me and say “look at my balls, mom”

This was proceeded by me leaving my phone on the couch as I went to the other room for a few minutes, only to come back and have found that my wonderful 12-year-old son had hacked into my Facebook, updating my status as “I like my cat more then my kids.”

I take it back. I must have done something wrong with both of them.

We ended the night with the kids wrestling on the couch and me telling them to go to bed.

Instead, I went to bed to cuddle with my cat that doesn’t hack into my Facebook and isn’t a 14-year-old teenager with an attitude bigger than her.

Except I couldn’t do that because the boyfriend is “allergic” to cats, although I’m not sure how we have lived together for almost 5 years now without him having an “allergic” reaction. He is not privy to the fact that my cat lays on his pillow when he is not home.

Like I said, it was an uneventful Thanksgiving.



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