My Dad

In the spirit of Father’s Day 2017, I wanted to dedicate a blog to my very own Dad. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it.

My Dad has always been the absolute best dad. There was never a time, he was not there for us. There was never a time where us siblings doubted we were loved and cared for.

I mean there was that one time over twenty years ago when we had a slight argument on one of my all time favorite bands, “Motley Crue.” For some reason (we will go with he was overworked) he claimed that “Montley Crue” was not “real” music.

I know, right?!?! I am happy to say over the years he has seen the error of his ways. Truly, other than that one incident, he has always and will always be the greatest dad.


When I got my first speeding ticket (right around the “Motley Crue” incident) I was so scared to tell him. However…..I had a plan! Right after I got the 40 plus dollar speeding ticket, I went out and found a job. It was a telemarketer job, but hey it was something, and at least he would know how sorry I was and I would work to pay off the ticket myself. I was nervous, but decided to rip the band-aid off.

Me ~ “Dad, I kinda got a speeding ticket, but do not worry, I found a telemarketer job and I will work to pay it off.

Dad~ (he kinda gave that blank stare of his, which I now know to be the “What did you do now” stare. He waited a moment while letting my words process) “Jen, get rid of the job, they are a scam, we will figure it out.”


Then there was the time where I kinda helped my younger sister sneak out……then I felt bad, and guilty, so I kinda had to tell him what I did.

Me ~ “Okay… I kinda helped Carolyn sneak out and now I feel bad and OH MY GOD I am so sorry!!”

Dad ~ (Again with the blank stare) “WHAT?!?!”

I again, tried to explain the situation. He calmly, grabbed a pen and paper. He penned out a quick note. “I hope it was worth it, you are grounded.” And left the note under my sisters pillow. The very pillow she used a her pretend sleeping body.

Somehow I did not get punished for my role in that one, well, unless you count the 30 minute lecture.


Then there was the time where my 7th grade principal called the house. Apparently the principal was under the assumption that I was skipping Science class.

Me ~ “I do not know what he is talking about, I have been going to class!”

Dad ~ “Jen, the principal was in your class and you were not there!”

That was a hard one for me to explain. But…I had no friends. I was the joke of the class, and I think I should get some points for not putting myself in a situation like that.


There were MANY times when we were out to dinner as a family. In the middle of our meal, Dad would excuse himself from the table to go give the homeless guy on the corner some money. He never made judgments, he never questioned where the money was going. If he sees someone, whether he is in the middle of a meal, or driving in the middle of traffic, he will stop and give them money.


At the age of 19 I found myself pregnant. Funny how that happens right? I told my dad over the phone. There was just no way I could tell him face to face.

“We are here for you.”

Never any judgments. Never telling me what I did wrong (and trust me, there was plenty) All he said, all he wanted me to understand “We are here for you.”

(The same exact conversation happened with baby 2, 3 and 4.)


On one of the Seattle visits. Gracie was young. Her medical issues were brand new. Gracie, was sitting on the sofa, rocking back and forth, back and forth. She was almost throwing herself. We would later learn this was her way of comforting herself. Dad had to leave the room. It was a lot for him to take in…because he does wear his heart on his sleeve.


I honestly believe my dad is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. Anyone would be lucky to know him….and once you have a conversation with him, you will see what I mean.

My dad has a passion for our Veterans who struggle with PTSD.

My dad has a passion for doing the right thing, and always making someone feel the absolute best they can about themselves.

My dad has a passion for family, loyalty and God.

My dad has a passion for politics (a topic I recommend we stay away from)

My dad has always been there for us kids.

My dad taught me how a lady should be treated…something he learned from his own dad.

I would not be “Me” without my dad….and granted, I may not be “all that” but at the core, at my core, I am everything I am, and everything I will be because of my dad.

So…Dad, if you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for always believing in me, even when I did not believe in myself, thank you for being the person that I compare everyone else to. Thank you for introducing me to music at such a young age, thank you for seeing the error of your ways regarding Montley Crue (I just cannot let that one go) Thank you for your sacrifices, thank you for your humor, simply put……Thank You.

Happy Father’s Day 2017.


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