A few updates from Vodka Calling…

♥ We suck at Blogging.

♥ Christin currently has family in town. A nice visit to celebrate her GRADUATION tomorrow!!!

♥ I am currently counting down the days untill the last day of school.

♥ Four and a half days left!!

♥ July 1st, I will be ready for my kids to go back to school.

♥ I decided to start selling this amazing, last all day makeup.

♥ Come join my group on Facebook “Lipstick Calling” to learn more about it.

♥ It’s seriously the best makeup ever, and I am not just saying that because I am selling it.

♥ Gracie will be two weeks seizure free tomorrow!

♥ I really want to see the new Wonder Woman movie.

♥ One thousand dollars says I will not be able to see it until it comes on DVD.

♥ Joe says he does not want anything for Father’s Day.

♥ I cannot decide if he is telling me the truth or not.

♥ I should just get him an Eagles jersey and call it good.

♥ I despise the Eagles.

♥ Yeah, yeah, it’s not about me.

♥ The picture below, that’s “Your’s Truly” wearing one of our most popular Reds. “Fly Girl.”

♥ Just putting it out there in case anyone would like to order it.

♥ Although I refuse to be one of those people who is pushy.

♥ I mean I am pushy in general, but I will try very hard to not be push with my new makeup.

♥ I said I would try.


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