My Saturday.

Joe and I are both “off” on Saturday. He does not have to go to work, and I do not have to take the kids to school, or deal with any other appointments that usually arise during the week. It is my one and only day where I can sleep in, lay in bed while reading, and just relax.

Joe is a morning person and always has been. Even though he does not “have” to be up early on Saturday, he always is. Sometimes I want to kill him.

Today, he took the girls to the grocery store. He truly enjoys it. This is not something he feels he “has” to do, he offers, I happily agree, because I am not a stupid person.

Joe and I have two totally different experiences when we take the girls to the grocery store.

The Girls With Joe ~ They listen. Perfectly well-behaved little princess’.

The Girls With Jen ~ “Mom, I want this.” Can I ride in the cart? (No, you are 10) “Gracie, lets see who can run to the ice cream first.” “Sofia, watch, I can do a cart-wheel.”

While laying on the sofa, book ready to go, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing on the t.v, I write him a list. They leave and I am in heaven. Down time is important, downtime for me is a necessity.

Two hours later they return from the store.

Two and a half hours later I am now throwing my clothes on. Off to the store I go to pick up everything that they forgot.

Fred Meyer was a freaking mad house. It seems that most people forgot that tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and the whole city of Federal Way met up at Fred Meyer to pick up last-minute essentionals……kinda like I was doing.


I am now home from the store. At this point all I want to do is take a nice long hot bubble bath. Kids are occupied, Joe is occupied, surely I can do this without being missed.  I only have one bathroom I have to make the rounds, asking if anyone needs in there before I lock myself in the comfort and quite of my sanctuary for the next hour….and then….the phone rings.

Crap. It was for Joe. I throw him the phone. He is talking to his family member while I am gathering my essentials. Headphones, book, freshly laundered robe, my fancy bubble bath….”Jen, they are on their way, will be here in 10.”

I have a few options here. I can pretend I did not hear him and head to the bath. Or, I could do the “right” thing (although for the record everyone has their own definition of what the “right” thing is) and throw on a pot of coffee and put some snacks out. I decided to play it safe “Oh…..does this mean you want me to wait on my bath?”

I did a quick run through of my living room. Since we are in the process of moving, I have boxes everywhere. Now that we are having visitors I had to manuever the boxes so there would be room. I mean standing room only but at least there would be room.

Imagine my surprise when the visitors brought us  three new boxes……filled to the brim with odds and ends to take to our new place that we do not even have yet. I just love surprises like that. Between you and me, if I am able to pull this move off without having a nervous breakdown, it will be a freaking miracle.


It is now 9:40 pm. Guess who is in the bath! I will give you a hint, it is not me. I am not sure how the rest of this night will progress. I still have to help the Easter Bunny out with Easter baskets, do meal prep for tomorrow, take a blasted bath, and find a way to lose 10 pounds by Monday.

Do not even ask.


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