It’s not easy being me…

I was volunteering at the school today. We are about nine weeks out until summer break. There’s a lot of PTA paperwork that goes on behind the scenes. Fundraisers, membership,  how to increase our membership for next year, board elections, and now my latest struggle, cookies and popcorn. Trust when I say that deserves its own blog post.

I am working hard, “getting it done!” You know the drill. I have my spreadsheets, I have my trusty notebook and pen in hand at all times, I am totally working this PTA President thing (despite what a select few may believe.) Next thing I know a phone call comes in. “Jen, go to the office, Joe is here.”

I freak out, just like I always do. Why is he here? OMG did something happen? Gracie…..I had my phone on me all day, did she have a seizure? Why is he here, why didn’t he call me? Oh yeah, he refuses to have a cell.

Frantically, I make my way down to the office. Trying to figure out what on earth could have happened. This is unusual behavior, I just know something is wrong. I pass a teacher in the hallway. “Hey, do you know you have visitors in the office?” I am almost running, “Yes, I know on my way, is something wrong?” I am gone before she could even reply.

As I turn the corner, I see both Joe and Gracie sitting in the office. Naturally, I am thinking the worst. Omg, what is happening?!?! I burst through the door, out of breath, look at Joe, look at Gracie “Whats wrong?!?!?!?!?!”

“Everything is okay…….I just could not remember if I had to pick the girls up early today?”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

Gracie is laughing, Joe looks confused, I am drenched in sweat.

“Well I saw a note you left me and I did not know if….”


Gracie is now rolling her eyes at both of her parents.

“Oh, so I did not need to pick them up?”

“So everything is okay? No seizure, everything is okay?”

“Well……yeah……so you do not want me to get Sofia?”

I am slowly starting to calm down.

“No. I did not even need you to pick Gracie up.”

Gracie is now in full-blown laughter.

“You guys are weird.”

Joe, Gracie and I say our goodbyes. I make sure he understands that I will bring Sofia home, once school is over with.

Fast forward two hours.

School is now over with. I meet up with Sofia. Sofia has this odd “look” on her face. I know something is up.

“Mom, was AJ at my school today?”

I have no idea where she is going with this.

“No, AJ is at work, why?”

“Some of my teachers told me my brother was at the school.”

“Oh…………that’s weird……………..AJ is at work, I mean Dad and Gra…………wait a minute…………OMG………….Dad was here………….OMG, they thought Dad was your brother?!?!?!?!?!”

“I do not know Mom, I was told my brother was here.”

Kill me now.


Basically, “some teachers” saw Joe with Gracie. Because “some teachers” know Gracie but not Joe,  then assumed that Joe was Sofia’s brother, which would make him my son?!?!?!

Are you kidding me?

So…..what we have now learned from this little blink of my day, what is our “take away”

  1. Joe is no longer allowed at the school.
  2. I will be making an appointment for some (apparently) much-needed Botox.



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