I was running around doing some errands today. Joe was home with the girls. It was just me, my music, and my to-do list of about 150 things. I am at a stop light, needing to turn left. I had the yellow arrow, which clearly means if there are no on coming cars, then I can turn. I was good. No cars.

However, what was stopping me from turning were two guys, taking their sweet time trying to cross. In the pouring rain. So…. because I have the patience of a shoe, I slowly started creeping my car up to the cross walk, waiting patiently for these guys to cross, praying that no other cars come in my path.

Finally, the idiots pass. Sagging jeans and all. They were safely on their side of the street which meant I was able to make my turn. As soon as I make the turn, the guys start to wave at me.

First I get a little ego boost. “Oh yeah, I still got it.”

Then I figured they were just being a smart ass, knowing damn well they were holding me up from making my turn.

Then I realized, “What the hell, Vinnie?!?!?!”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it was Vinnie and his friend that decided to take their sweet time crossing the street. Vinnie, my head-strong yet stubborn 16-year-old son.

About three hours later, I returned home. I walk in the door and who else standing there, Vinnie!

Me~ Oh, hi Vinnie!

Vinnie~ Thanks for pulling over mom.

Me~ What do you mean?

Vinnie~ Did you not see us waving to you?

Me~ Did you not see me waving back?

Vinnie~ We were waving you down, not waving to say “what’s up.”

Me~ Well, you should have texted me!

Vinnie~ Yeah, I should have…too bad I can’t.

Ugh. So he has me on that one.

About two weeks ago Vinnie and I had an argument. An argument that resulted in him walking out of the house at 10:30 at night, even though I told him no. I cannot tell you how mad I was. Livid! I called Christin, and then I called my sister, I was heated.

So of course I did what any rational parent would do. I got online, and reported his phone as stolen. He immediately lost service.

I was pretty proud of my accomplishment.

Two hours after I reported his phone as stolen, guess who decides to come back home.

The following morning, I catch Joe up on the happenings of last night. I am still so mad. How could he just disregard what I say and leave? I know Joe has this, because if you have not figured it out yet, Joe is the more rational one.

Joe and Vinnie ended up having a good heart to heart talk that took about three hours. Seriously, the entire time they were talking I was on the phone with Christin for about 45 minutes, another 30 minutes with my sister. I left the apartment, checked the mail, responded to my messages, bought some Starbucks, came home,  and they were still talking.

I figured that was punishment enough.

Joe took me aside, one on one and told me how Vinnie feels stressed. He needed a minute to get away and clear his head, and although it was handled badly, Joe felt it was important to Vinnie to have his time.

Vinnie worries for Gracie, he worries about her seizures and he does not know how to process it all. Okay fine…..pull at my heart-strings why don’t you. I get it. We are all in the same boat. When you see your sister, your daughter, your student, your niece, your granddaughter, collapsed on the floor, shaking uncontrollably,  unresponsive, and not knowing what to do….well….it will keep you up at night.

More importantly, do you know what happens when you report a cell phone stolen? I will tell you what happens. You end up talking to someone in India who is reading from a script. You pretty much have to offer your kidney to get the blasted service turned on again.

We are going on about two weeks of me arguing with my new enemy in India, and I still have no service for him. He blames me, I blame him.

Vinnie and I are actually two peas in a pod. We are so much alike (sagging jeans excluded) that we tend to butt heads.

I will say, he is a good kid. So business savvy. Set in his ways, and will argue with you until the end. Such a good heart. If it was not for him, I would not have all the cats I do. He will see a stray cat, and bring him to our place, feed him/her, give them water, then odds are, we now have a new cat. I love this kid. As much as he aggravates me, he has so much good in his heart.

He is also the one who got Gracie’s birthday tattooed on his arm.

I know I will get flack for that……but just wait………Sofia’s tatoo is coming next.

That’s my boy!




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