Valentines Day: Then and Now

I’m in the middle of Wal-Mart, the day before Valentine’s Day and as I look around, I am surrounded by boyfriends and husbands frantically searching for the perfect card for their wife or girlfriend. In typical “man fashion” they waited until the last minute to buy their loved one a present, only to find that the shelves are picked over and they may have to spend good ol’ V-Day in the doghouse.

I am reminded how Valentine’s Day has progressed for me over the years. I remember putting the “perfect” V-Day gift bag together for my first serious boyfriend. I believe it contained some silky heart boxers, some Calvin Klein cologne and some candy with a card that said “I LOVE YOU MY VALENTINE” written across the front in some cursive romantic font. Inside the card, I wrote a chapter confessing my eternal love and devotion Valentine’s evening consisted of the anticipation of getting dressed up and going on a romantic date that consisted of dinner and most likely, some kind of jewelry.

Two kids later, reality slapped me in my face. As the kids started school, my romantic gift bags turned into baking dozens of cookies and my sappy cards turned into me staying up all night writing V-day cards for each of my kids’ classroom, making sure I didn’t forget a name.

As they have grown older and no longer take treats and cards to school, I am now shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day presents to fill their gift bags. This year it will consist of new headphones for each, candy, stuffed animal, and some other odds and ends that I just needed to put in, along with a card telling each of them how much I love them. I will bake them some red and pink cupcakes for when they get home from school.

I will most likely, get a cute handmade card from each of them. I am happy to say that I have two Valentines this year, one is 12 and one is 13… and I know someday (NOT SOON) they will be too busy getting ready for their dates on V-Day and I’m sure I will be the farthest thing from their mind.

So, for now I will get their gift bags ready for tomorrow and bake the heart-shaped cupcakes that they love so much, which is so much better than stupid boxers and cheap cologne.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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