Unsolicited Advice: The things women want men to know.

Jen & Christin’s Top Ten ~ What we wish (some) guys would understand.


1. If a woman is with you, whether as a wife, a girlfriend, or you and she share a friendship, she is with you because she wants to be with you. She has found something in you that she enjoys. Do not overthink it, do not question it, just go with it.

Christin– Oh, this is a good one! I think in a marriage or relationship, a friendship is a key factor in how you relate to one another.

2. Women need more daily communication than men do. When a man wakes up, he may shoot his girl a “good morning” text, and continue on his day. He is caught up with work, family, whatever the case may be. MEANWHILE, the woman is spending her day checking her phone, seeing if she missed any texts, and has already convinced herself that a breakup is coming. Now of course not ALL women are like this, a majority are. If a man can maybe find twenty seconds in the afternoon to shoot his girl a “thinking about you” text, then that goes a long way….and odds are, she will show you her appreciation in any number of ways.

Christin– I have something more to add to this. If she texts you, text her back within a reasonable time. No, a week later isn’t reasonable.

Jennifer~ It’s like that one movie I made you watch many years ago. “He’s Just Not That Into You.” A must see for anyone out there dating.

3. We all know about the “three-day rule” and we all think that is a stupid rule. If a first date has been had, and you kinda wanna see where this may go, text her. Do not make her wait the three days… because, even though we know about the “three day rule” you run a very high chance of not hearing back from us.

Christin– You already know my thoughts on this. 3 day rule= a damn fool

4. Physical affection is great if done correctly. Grabbing body parts in public are a turn off, putting your hand on the small of our back, is a turn on.

Christin– Agreed. This is better saved for another, more private time.

5. Do not allow you ego to get in the way if we offer to pay. If we offer, take us up on it. Odds are it is more about us than it is about you, we just want to feel like it is equal, care about us enough to allow us to do that.

Christin– I like this one. I think us women like to pay sometimes. However, women if you find yourself paying EVERYTIME, you got a scrub on your hands and if that’s the case you need to be like TLC and make sure he doesn’t get no love from you.



1. NO DICK PICS! Most women don’t want to open up their email or text to see a picture of your “man parts”. Not only is it disgusting but it also is a disdainful show of disrespect. This vulgar display doesn’t make women want to jump into bed with you, it makes them want to jump out of their bed and wash their eyes out with soap. Just don’t do it,men.

Jennifer~ Ewww. D-pics are gross. I am not speaking from experience. I have never had one sent to me, and for that I am grateful. If you want to send us a pic, send us a pic of your cat or dog….we will be puddy in your hands.

2. Listen!! When a women wants to tell you a story or about their day, listen to them. Don’t pretend to listen because we know when you are, but really listen to what they say, how they feel and maybe, just maybe, muster up a response of some sort. If you can’t find a response at least nod and make eye contact. It’s simple guys, we don’t ask for much.

Jennifer~ And…if I may add……if you feel the need to yawn because you had “a hard day at work” be a little discreet about it!

3. It’s the small things that matter. Women don’t want diamonds everyday (ok, maybe we do) but the small things like a handwritten sentiment or a card from the dollar store goes a long ways in connecting with a women. Other small things that mean a lot are putting away the dishes, putting the toilet seat down after you use it and of course, instead of placing YOUR clothes next to the empty hamper, you actually place them INSIDE. Thanks guys!

Jennifer~ Picking the kids up from school, taking them to school, cooking dinner, putting gas in your car, getting an early start on laundry, letting her sleep in, and most importantly….chocolate.

4. PSA: The 3 day rule no longer applies! That’s right men, you no longer have to wait 3 days to text a lady back after a first of second date. You can do it an hour after the date, the next day or even right after the date. Let her know you had a great time and would like to take her out again without making the poor women incessantly check her Facebook, text, Instagram, email, Pinterest or phone. There is no need to play it “cool” or hard to get, because let’s face it, if you don’t call her, someone else will.

Jennifer~ Yep! I guarantee while you are trying to play it cool NOT calling her, your girl is venting to someone else about “why is he not calling me” then before you know it, homeboy took your girl, want to know why….because he called her!

5. If you are married, going through a divorce or “separated”, please don’t waste our time. There are too many uncertainties when dating a man who is “waiting for his divorce to be finalized”. This could be code for “my marriage sucks and I need an ego boost” or I just want to see if I still “have it.” Don’t ask us out, don’t befriend us, JUST DON’T. It will get complicated and chances are when you go back to your wife and your divorce doesn’t go through, we will be the one in therapy, not you.

Jennifer~ The only time any of the above would be okay would be if the girl is in the SAME EXACT SITUATION. Then you two fools need to work that one out on your own.


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