I, Too, Am an American

I,Too, Am an American
However, my grandfather came from Mexico
He started working in the fields when he was just 8 years old
From his work ethic I learned that persistence is gold
When I think of where he came from and what this country gave him
I am reminded that we are in land of rights and freedom
The sacrifices he made for his family
The education he had to set free
Made me try that much harder for mine
Having the “American Dream” was working 9-9
For me, it is going to college
He’ll never get to know that knowledge
But in June, he’ll see me walk across that stage
And I hope he knows that the “American Dream” isn’t but a page
I hope he knows because of his journey and despair
And his hard work and sacrifice allowed me to be where I am
Because I, Too, Am an American.



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