Jen’s Top 10 Least Favorite Things About Christmas

For Christin and I, this past week, the week leading up to Christmas break, has been pretty stressful for us both. Although Christin is the coke to my vodka, we both live very different lives, and with that comes very different highs and lows.

I was trying to narrow down my top 20 least favorite things about Christmas, to 10. Do I talk about how I have not even started my Christmas shopping. I am going to be one of the fools who does last-minute shopping on December 23rd. Bet on it.

Do I talk about how hard it is to be married to someone who works retail during the holiday season? Nah, probably should not go there in my blog. Do I talk about how we are also trying to buy a house during the holiday season. Yeah, clearly I enjoy being challenged.

As I was going through my 26 unread emails, just from today, I came across one from The Parents. “Oh….looks like Dad made a YouTube video. What is he up to now?” I got myself comfortable, opened up the video, and then, I figured it out. My Top Ten Least Favorite Things I Hate About Christmas did not seem to matter that much. There is an important message that got lost along the way….and, I will just let you watch the video and decide for yourself.


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