Which two celebrities, one alive, one not-so-much, would you invite over to share Christmas dinner?


Let’s be clear. The thought of having anyone over for Christmas dinner that is not my immediate family, is enough to send me over the edge. Now, throw in the fact that I would be having a celebrity over? Nope, I am done. Bring on the vodka!

Do I cook beef, do I cook chicken? Do I even cook at all? Of course I do not cook, unless I want to be splashed all over the tabloids. “Woman Feeds Salmonella Food to Celebrity.”

Upon much thought. I have narrowed it down.

First, I would pick James Dean. I have always been fascinated by him. I would love to have the chance to talk to him over my salmonella infested meal, while listening to Christmas music. Perhaps I could even get him to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

My kids will know who he is. I have a large picture of him hanging in my hallway. There is just something about him that always leaves me wanting to know more.

Secondly, I would invite Donald Trump. He brings on so much controversy that would be a welcomed distraction to my salmonella infested meal. While discussing building a wall, and keeping Muslims out, no one will even notice they are slowing being poisoned by my lack of cooking skills.

I believe as our new President elect, there would be a lot to learn. I like to think I could break him down and get him out of his box. Also, in my fake reality, I envision Trump and Dean having a rather interesting, yet different conversation. I would love to be privy to that. Also, I would love to see Gracie take on Trump. My money is on Gracie.

We would all close out the night with a hot cup of coffee and freshly made zeppoles. (An Italian pastry)

and if we all make it through the night……then that my friends would be a true Christmas miracle.



This was a hard one. Two celebrities, one living, one not… to come to my Christmas dinner.

Now, I knew I needed someone funny. I not only like to laugh but I thoroughly enjoy people with a sense of humor, which is hard to find these days. So I decided that Ellen DeGeneres would have to be one of my guests. Not only is she freaking hilarious but she does so much for other people. She has paved the way for women and people of all races, genders and the LGBTQ community. A true icon and an amazing person that lives by her words that she signs off on her show everyday “Be Kind to One Another”. We could use more of that and for this, Ellen gets to sit at my table.

Another icon that has stood up for what he believes in a time where he was outnumbered was Martin Luther King Jr. This amazing man stood up for those that didn’t have a voice back when there were separate drinking fountains and African-Americans had to sit on the back of the bus. Back when civil rights activists such as himself were thrown in jail for standing up to discrimination, hate and segregation. I’d like to talk to him about these times but I would also like to thank him. Because of Martin Luther King Jr., we are all able to have freedoms that some of us would not otherwise have.

With these two at my table, we would talk about how far we’ve come as a country and maybe have a few laughs at the current situation we have found ourselves in. Maybe Dr. King would recite his “ I have a dream” speech and Ellen would make us play one of her outlandish crazy games. This would be a night to remember.

Happy Kwanzaa!


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