An early apology letter to my kid’s teachers…

Three of my four children start school on September 2. This is usually the time of year where I feel I have to write-up an apology letter to their teachers because, well, if I were to be totally honest I am not the easiest parent to deal with. I have visions that these poor teachers, when seeing their new class list, and my child’s name sticks out, they will try to pawn them (meaning me) off to another teacher…But hey, at least I own it!! (and I would not blame them)

Dear Sofia’s Teacher,
You have the pleasure of teaching my youngest child. This is my baby, which will make me even more crazier and overprotective than usual.
Please be patient with me when I walk her into class the first day of school. No matter how many times I have done it (and I have done it a lot) the “good-byes” are so hard. Granted, they are hard for me, Sofia will not care. If I over stay my welcome, please feel free to literally push me out the door. Because odds are that is what you will have to do to kick me out of your classroom.
Also, if I hunt you down when the school day is over, it is only because I need that reassurance that Sofia had a good first day of school. First days are so important. This is my formal apology that should last the entire year….god willing.

Dear Gracie’s Teacher,
Oh boy do I feel for you! You have the pleasure of teaching my daughter in her last year of elementary¬†school. I am counting on you as a teacher to make sure Gracie is ready for middle school. Of course I will do my part at home, but this is an important year for her. She has autism, she struggles. I am putting so much trust into someone I have never met to make sure Gracie is ready for middle school. Please forgive me when I ask you on a weekly basis “How is she doing, do you have any concerns, is there anything I need to do better?” I am not trying to be a nag, I am just trying to find that happy medium between giving Gracie her own independence while putting my own mind at ease. Please be patient with me. I have come a long way, just ask her first grade teacher.

Dear Teachers to Vinnie,
Oh boy are you going to have your hands full with Vinnie. He is a good kid, who tends to speak his mind. Often time there is a fine line with him. He thinks he is “debating” when in reality he needs to work on his tone. Vinnie is so driven though. So, when you call me because he has been sent to the Principal’s office (and trust me, you will call.) please be patient me. I will ask you all the facts. I will ask Vinnie all the facts, I will need to get all my facts in order before deciding on the appropriate punishment for him. You just need to find the best way to get through to him…..and myself.

I adore teachers. They have one of the hardest and most important jobs out there, at a measly pay. It is hard for me to turn over my kids for seven hours a day to someone I do not know. I have issues.

My children and I are looking forward to a new and exciting school year. Of course that will most likely last about two weeks before I start counting down to Christmas vacation.

I do not know how these teachers do it, especially when you have a crazy neurotic parent to deal with (me?) But trust me, I will do whatever I can to support both the teachers and my child.

Here is to the new 2015-2016 school year!

(Now where is the vodka because I am already having an anxiety attack.)

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