A few weeks ago, my sister and I were able to fly to Texas to surprise my brother who is on his two week leave from the Navy. We were able to pull the surprise off without any problems, which is pretty shocking.

My family and I had a wonderful visit. Spending time together, talking about the past and what may or may not happen in the future.

dad blog 2

Saying good-bye was tough. After his leave is over, he will start his deployment. Communication will be minimal. Our family is so close, the reality of not talking to one of us for months at a time is just something we are not used to.

Yet, it comes with Navy Life.

Two nights ago, as my brother was packing up the last of his belongings, getting ready to start this new chapter of his life, my father posted this picture.

dad blog 3

I lost it. This is it. He is really leaving. We have no idea when we will see him again. We do not even have an idea on when we will be able to talk to him again.

It’s hard.

I keep asking myself. “Was this the last visit?” “Was this the last time we are able to just sit and talk?” “Was this the last time we would share a meal together?”

Lots of  “Lasts” running threw my mind.

And, as if I was not already an emotional mess, yesterday, this beautiful, powerful picture of my father saying good bye to my brother at the airport showed up on my Facebook timeline.

dad blog

Good byes are hard.

Saying good bye to a love one is harder.

Saying good bye to a love one who is starting their naval career is the hardest thing.

There’s just too many “lasts” without knowing what the future holds.

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6 thoughts on “Last?

  1. Hugs! I totally get it. Your post made me tear up. You’ll see him again. I have faith. Make it last.

  2. It is hard. I remember those goodbyes as a kid with brothers in the military. But after all this time I can tell you that I don’t remember the goodbyes nearly as clearly as I remember the homecomings! May he have many safe homecomings for you to savor.

  3. Awww! This is so sweet. I hate saying goodbye…better to remind myself that they will be back and for now it’s off to new adventures. Still hard though.

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