Pineaplle Juice

I have not been blogging in awhile because I felt I had nothing important to blog about. Oh sure, there are my crazy kid stories, the crazy cat stories, my never ending quest to lose weight, but nothing that I felt other readers would actually want to read about it. Then, it just hit me. Who cares if I have nothing to say? Who cares if my blogs are just my ramblings, who really cares? I just need to show up. Because whether it is this blog, or a possible memoir type of book, I feel in my heart of hearts that writing is what I am suppose to be doing. So, I just made the choice to show up. Here I am, showing up. That’s always the first step, right?

My husband is the first one to leave the house every morning. He is kinda lucky that way. Joe misses out on the 30 minutes it takes me to wake up Sofia. He misses out on the girls arguing over what kind of cereal they want for breakfast, which color tights they get to wear to school. He misses out on Vinnie always running 15 minutes late, no matter how many times I warn him “this better not happen again.” Joe misses out on the craziness of the start of our day. Kinda jealous.

Joe is a person of routine. The alarm clock goes off, he sleeps for 15 additional minutes, jumps right out of bed, shower, dresses, takes about 10 minutes to find the car keys and he is out of here. As soon as he gets out of bed, he is already in “work mode.”

Joe also has gout. So there are many morning when he does all of the above with a limp. I do not understand his stubbornness to not go to a doctor, but it is what it is. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hand, do some googling for natural remedies for gout (because you know just as well as I do, everything on the internet is truth!) and found that pineapple juice is suppose to help. I have no idea the why or how of it, I just know it is suppose to help.

Every morning I have a small can of pineapple juice waiting for him. I am sure he thinks I am nuts, because the fact that he still has flare ups should be my clue that the pineapple juice is not working, but still, I am stubborn that way…….and kind of nuts.

Because if the day comes and I am not here anymore, I want him to remember the pineapple juice. I want him to remember that every morning without fail I left it out for him, hoping that it will help him and every morning without fail he took it, knowing damn well it would not do any good, but he took it for me, to make me feel better. I mean that’s kinda what you do in a marriage, right?

So yeah, I want to be remembered for pineapple juice.

Talk about my blogs rambling! The important thing is I showed up!

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