I am in the dog house!

I messed up. Granted it does not happen often, but this was pretty bad.

My younger sister is pregnant with her first child. As soon as we found out she was pregnant, my mother, my other sister and myself have been bombarding “Pregnant Sis” w/ baby names, especially girl baby names because everyone believes “Pregnant Sis” will have a girl. Some of my personal picks are…

Anninston Hope
Kennis Tru

and that’s about it. Unusual names, but nothing like Apple or Pear, or even Squash.

My mother and other sister enjoy the more common names, Lacy, Faith, Madison, etc.

Anyway….none of that matters because every name we come up with for the baby, “Pregnant Sis” happens to have an ex boyfriend who had a sister who had a boyfriend who kicked his dog and the dogs name was Anninston.

You see?!

So the other day “Pregnant Sis” calls me out of the blue w/ exciting news. She has FINALLY decided on the name for her baby assuming the baby is a girl.

“Okay, tell me what is it?….Wait…do I need vodka for this?”

“Pregnant Sis” took a quick little “sigh” and told me

“You may actually need a drink for this.”

Well considering it was only noon, I could not drink. Perhaps in hindsight if I had had my vodka the following events would not have happened.

I am on the phone, outside on our balcony, talking to “Pregnant Sis” who is so excited to tell me the name she and “Baby Daddy” picked out for their daughter. I anxiously await. “Pregnant Sis” takes a deep breath then as proud as she could she reveals the names. Yes, I said names, first, middle, and a hyphenated last name.

Silence. I was speechless for about two seconds and then the uncontrollable laughter set in. Yes…I, the older and wiser sister laughed….uncontrollably.

Just kill me now!!!

“I knew you would not like it”

As I am trying desperately to catch my breath, I tell “Pregnant Sis” to give me a second, let the name sink in. It did not work.

I am the worse sister ever!!!

And now “Pregnant Sis” will not answer my calls.

So, in the hopes of “Pregnant Sis” reading this blog, I want to here by publicly apologize to you for laughing. Any name you decide on for your baby is perfect!!! The name is a little bit quirky just like you…and that my dear is a compliment!!

I know you, my faithful readers are just dying to know exactly what kind of name had me busting out laughing. I cannot say. I actually have other family members who on occasion read this blog and “Pregnant Sis” wants to be the one to tell everyone the name. As soon as she gives me her okay, I will reveal the name. Then you all can tell me what a cute name it is and how I am a horrible sister who lacks creativity.

If I had only had my vodka none of this would happen.

5 thoughts on “I am in the dog house!

  1. Advise to Pregnant Sis – picture yourself yelling at said child and using all the names. That's how a child knows how mad a mom is. If it sounds dumb or is hard to say when mad, rethink it. If it flows easily and doesn't make you want to break out in an old time movie song (Colin Hugh – when I'm callin' yooo ooo ooo oooo ooo oo ou….) then, go with it. Also, pay attention to the initials.

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