Open Letter to Michael Vick

Michael Vick,

Oh boy do I have issues with you,you may need to grab a drink before you read this.

So, your hand is bruised? Awww, poor baby. A bruised hand that leaves your Sunday home game against the 49ers in question. A bruised hand that is not even your THROWING hand. I mean really????

Now, if I may, lets take a look back to everything you did to your poor innocent animals when they could not perform well. Oh where do we start…drowning, electrocuteing, strangling your animals because they could not perform well?!?!

Hmmmm. Do I see a little bit of karma here.

I am a die hard NY GIANTS fan (you know, the team that kicked your @ass Sunday) I would LOVE for one of my guys to go after you because you did not perform well….or better yet, one of YOUR own guys.

I mean that’s what you did to your animals….right????

Suck it up. A bruised hand that is not even your throwing hand…..if nothing else do it for your innocent animals that have suffered and lost their life because of YOU!!!

You need to seriously find some way to make some kind of amends. Right now, you are not there. What’s more important to you, you keeping your job or you keeping your respect?

Respect is earned, you have a lot of work to do.


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