I am NOT my husbands emergency contact person!


The other day I had to take my husband to the doctor (gout). This was a new doctor and he had all the typical annoying paper work to fill out.

We were sitting next to each other in an empty waiting room. Me, on facebook w/ my cell and him with the pen, clipboard and 5 million papers that needed to be filled out before he saw the doctor.

Anyway, this is the conversation that took place when he got to the “In Case Of An Emergency Section”

Husband~ “Who do I put for my emergency contact person”

Me~ “Ummm, let me think…..oh, I know how about YOUR WIFE?!”

Husband~ “It says I can’t”

Me~ “What do you mean it says you cant”

Husband~ “See, it says that my emergency contact person cannot be someone that I live with”

Me~ “Oh, okay, well just use your brother”

Husband~ “But he lives with us”

Me~ “Yeah, well not for much longer……RIGHT???”

Husband~ “Do you have his number?”

Me~ “Yes I do, why?”

Husband~ “I am going to call him so I can get my moms number so I can ask her if I can use them as an emergency contact person”

Me~ “Wouldn’t it just be easier to use your brother….or me?”

Husband~ “But I live with you guys”

Me~ “Don’t remind me”

Husband calls his brother to get the number to his mom, his mom does not answer the phone.

Husband~ “So what now?”

Me~ “Oh-my-gawd! You are taking forever to fill this out. It’s not like the doctor is going t call your emergency contact person to make sure you do not live with them, this is the longest time anyone has ever spent on filling out papers. Just write a number down!”

Husband~ “You’re on your period huh?”

Me~ “Shut up”

Husband finises up the last bit of paper work, turns the papers in. I ask him “So, who do you use as an emergency contact?”

“No one, I left it blank”

Yeah cause that’s better than using an actual real person who lives with him.

2 thoughts on “I am NOT my husbands emergency contact person!

  1. OMG….I LOVE HIM!!! I'm telling you this stuff is so funny, you need to write a book with these blogs!!!!….. lisa

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